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10 Amazing Facts About Slovenia, Europe

Richa Singh
Slovenia, a country in East Europe, is known for its beauty and adventurous streak. It  has mountainous terrain, giving way to opportunities for many adventurous activities.
It is one of the greenest countries and scores high on the world's most sustainable countries list.
1. Tourism in Slovenia shines due to its beauty—especially the view of Lake Bled and the castle overlooking it, surrounded by the Alps, and adventurous options from trekking to skiing and rafting to hot-air balloning.
2. The capital city Ljubljana, which translates to "The Loved One" was awarded Europe's Greenest Capital in 2016.
3. Slovenia has more than half of its land covered in forests. This accounts for a 53.6% of protected land—a higher percentage than any nation, except Venezuela.
4. Slovenia is a leading country in the world in terms of its residents' height and age. The residents on an average are 1.8 m tall (males) and 43.5 years old.
5. Slovenians basically love to smoke and dance—they are world's sixth biggest smokers and drinkers, per capita, of wine.
6. Slovenia houses more than 10,000 caves. Among these, Krizna Jama Cave is counted as one of Europe's natural underground wonders and another one, Posjona, is almost 20 km long.
7. There is a winery for every 70 people. Also, the world's oldest wine—aged 400 years—is found here.
8. According to The Good Country Index 2020, Slovenia is fourth in the list of World's 10 Greenest Countries in the World.
9. Slovenia's rich brown-bear population has been utilised for reintroducing them in other parts of Europe, thereby maintaining the ecological balance.
10. Slovenia's 46 km of coastline—The Slovene Riviera— is short but stunning.