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10 Amazing Things to Do in Santa Clarita, California

Prabhakar Pillai Mar 13, 2024
Santa Clarita is a city in California at a distance of 35 miles from Los Angeles. It has some of the best scenery in the US which is why umpteen Western films were shot here in the past. Popular attractions here are the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park, Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, Mountasia Family Fun Center and the Placerita Canyon Nature Center.

The Gentle Barn

Tourists get to hold and pet pigs, llamas, horses and others. It has more than 170 animals living here.

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Central Park - Santa Clarita

This popular park is 130 acres in area. There is a trail which is around 3 miles long where visitors can go walking or jogging and spent some time in the nature's

Michael D. Antonovich Open Space

The place is 480 acres in area and has many trails for hiking and biking.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Here are some amazing roller coasters, boat rides, and you get a chance to meet some popular cartoon characters as well as cool places to shop and eat.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

Here visitors will get to see magnificent rock formations and a variety of animal species. The courageous can attempt climbing the rock and reaching the top you get to view some spectacular scenery.

Castaic Lake

The lake epitomizes natural beauty. Folks come here to relax and enjoy the beauty of the famous lake. Popular activities here include camping and boating.

Placerita Canyon Nature Center

Here visitors will get to admire different species of owls, desert tortoises, possums and other native animal life

Mountasia Family Fun Center

Interesting activities here includes a mini golf contest, wall climbing and a wide range of interactive games.

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Sand Canyon Country Club

It is a spectacular 27 hole desert golf course surrounded by the magnificent Angeles National Forest.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Attractions here include a 480,000 gallon wave pool and a 132-foot ride appropriately known as Tornado.