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10 Amazing Things to Do in Suzhou, China

Shruti Nair
The oldest part of the city gets its name from a legend: The fog descends to conceal a tiger. The hilltop has a beautiful view and the largest Bonzai garden.
10. Climb the Tiger Hill
This 1100-year-old town was once a fishing village and now a historic location. Cycle around the gardens or go on boat rides around canals, while enjoying delicious seafood.
9. Explore the Tongli Water Town
Suzhou has over 60 historic gardens, nine of which are recognized for their "outstanding universal value" by UNESCO. Arrive at the opening hours to avoid the crowd.
8. Visit the Classical Gardens
Built in 2006, the museum's design is an ultra-modern interpretation of traditional Suzhou house. With black-trimmed and white exterior, it has become an architectural icon. The museum owns more than 15,000 objects.
7. Give a Treat to Your Eyes at the Suzhou Museum:
Dating back 500 years, it is one of the four famous gardens of China. Unlike others, this garden was owned by a private family, thereby showing China's true wealth.
6. Explore the Humble Administrator's Garden
Production of silk began around 2800 years ago. The first silk factory was opened in 1926 and today serves as a museum to the craft - offers an inside glimpse at the strange, fascinating process of silk-making. It's true: silk is spun from worms!
5. Learn How Silk is Made
Suzhou's mild and sweet cuisine is mostly dishes with protein (meat or seafood/fish) or vegetables, with a minimum of rice or noodles.
4. Experience Suzhou's Subtle Cuisine
Known for the ancient art, represented by scenes of nature, the Su style of embroidery is true to this place. Head to the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute, where you can try your hand at it.
3. Indulge its History of Embroidery
Also known for its bustling wedding dress trade, Suzhou has a dress for every woman out there!
2. Wander the Alleys of the Wedding Dress MarketĀ 
Dated in the dating from the 11th century, this garden boasts of a maze of stones, tunnels and caves that thread through a man made mountain, constructed with such extraordinary skill as to appear entirely natural.
1. Get Mesmerized in the Lion Forest Garden