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10 Best Things to Do in Catania, Italy

Catania, Sicily’s second-biggest city, has stood strong against Mt. Etna, being a blessing and a curse. The city is home to Italy’s big names like Giovanni Pacini, Giovanni Verga and Luigi Capuana!
See the world’s most active volcano and the longest continuous eruption, Mount Etna!

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Home to Museo Civico, the 13th-century Castello Ursino is also a must-visit.
Remember the sacrifices of Saint Agatha at the Cathedral of Sant'Agata. Don't forget to taste Minne di Sant'Agata!
Spend time at Piazza del Duomo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Halt at the oldest urban park of Catania, Giardino Bellini!
Go to see the Roman Theater, the Amphitheater of Catania that has interesting stories to its name!
Gaze at the most magnificent monument of the 18th century - Porta Garibaldi.

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Dip in the beautiful Cyclopean Isles!
Gaze at one of the largest monasteries in Europe, Monastery of San Nicolo L’Arena!
Taste the unique volcanic wines in Catania!

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Take a tranquil morning stroll on Catania’s most attractive street - Via dei Crociferi.
Give a visit to the finest examples of Sicilian Baroque - Church of San Giuliano.

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