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10 Dominican Republic Foods That’ll Make You Want to Have a Grand Meal

Prerana Jamdarkhana Mar 28, 2024
Flavors from Spain, Africa, Taíno and Middle-Eastern countries have combined to serve the world the eccentric Dominican food!
La Bandera
You cannot go as local as this in Dominican cuisine. Known as the ‘Flag’, the dish has rice, beans, meat and a salad.
Los Tres Golpes
Start your day with ‘the three hits’ - boiled plantains with onions on top, paired with fried egg, salami and cheese.
Order any meal, but, make sure you are served with this side dish. Fried and salted unripe plantain is a hit among locals and tourists.

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Pollo Guisado
Savor the grand dish at your lunch table with braised chicken delicately cooked with sauces, usually served alongside Arroz Blanco.
A slurping stew consisting of seven meats, vegetables and plantain is regarded as Dominican national dish.
Chimichurri Burger
If a street food truck is making your head turn, its probably because of the tempting smell of hamburgers filled with cabbage, tomatoes and a special sauce.
Mama Juana
A red color drink made by soaking rum, red-wine and honey in a bottle with tree barks and herbs is something you must try in Dominican Republic.
Any Dominican would tell how loved this dish is. A crispy, thin layer of rice left behind in the rice pot is relished by everyone.
Habichuelas Con Dulce
Ever wondered how would beans taste for a dessert? Well, you are sure to like it the Dominican way with milk cookies!
Bizcocho Dominicano
The light, fluffy, smooth, and filled with pineapple, the Dominican cake is the heart of every celebration.