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10 Fun Things to Do in Brookings, Oregon, USA

Richa Singh May 18, 2020
The Brookings city lies in the Southern belt of Oregon state's coastline, and is all about beaches, mountains and wildlife.
1. Stroll Around the Harris Beach State Park
Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, hike the amazing trails, watch the surrounding wildlife, make a camping trip, or simply engross yourself to the magic of Harris Beach State Park. The views of the park change in seasons, each opening a new vista of beauty.
2. Explore the Port of Brookings-Harbor
Brookings-harbor houses boats of commercial and recreational purposes. You can peacefully stroll around or experience the boat ride, fishing, seafood, and some shopping in the nearby shops.
3. Relax at Chetco Point Park
It's a perfect picnic destination where you can unwind with the wind and the waves. You might even get to catch a glimpse of a whale or a seal here. Its beach trails are yet another of its offerings to explore.
4. Celebrate the Colors of Azalea Park
The place is a community hub with kids play area, sport grounds, stage for performances and a lot more. Spring times are especially beautiful when 33 acres of Azalea gets drowned in the hues of pinks and reds.
5. Learn Some History at Chetco Valley Historical Society Museum
Built on a hill overlooking the Chetco Valley and Pacific Ocean, this museum is housed in Blake House, which was built in 1857. It showcases artifacts from the daily lives of the historical Chetco denizens.
6. Walk the Ancient Path at Alfred A. Loeb State Park
Located along the Chetco river, this park is well-known for hiking, camping, fishing, and its wildlife. The park is within Myrtlewood forest grove, and the majority of trees here is more than 200 years old, which makes hiking here a must-do activity.
7. Visit Some Galleries
Brookings has some amazing galleries to check out. From local art to art by national and international artists, there is no dearth of options here for enthusiasts.
8. Unwind at McVay Rock State Recreation Site
This 19-acre site has many amenities: golf course, beach walk, wildlife watch, etc. Whale watching is one of the most loved activities here.
9. Checkout the Farmers Market
This is the best place to buy some souvenirs. You can choose from many local items: food items, flowers, home decor, artwork, etc.
10.  Marvel at the Beauty of Whaleshead Beach
The Rocky coastline of Whaleshead beach offers the most amazing ocean views. Its interesting name is because of a sea stack that resembles the snout of a whale. Do not miss hiking along its beautiful coast.