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10 Largest Lakes in the World

Let us have a look at some of the largest lakes in the world. Keep reading...
It is the world's largest salt lake.
Caspian Sea
Location: Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia & Turkmenistan
Area: 371,000 km²
Maximum Depth: 1,025 m
Lake Superior
Location: Canada, USA
Area: 82,100 km2
Maximum Depth: 406.3 m
It is the largest freshwater lake in the world.
Lake Victoria
Location: Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya
Area: 68,870 km2
Maximum Depth: 84 m
This is the largest tropical lake in the world.
Lake Huron
Location: Canada, USA
Area: 68,870 km2
Maximum Depth: 84 m
It is the largest lake island of the world.
Location: USA
Area: 58,000 km2
Maximum Depth: 281 m
Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan is the world's largest freshwater dune system.
Lake Tanganyika
Location: Burundi, DR Congo, Tanzania & Zambia
Area: 32,600 km2
Maximum Depth: 1,470 m
 It is world's longest freshwater lake.
Lake Baikal
Location: Russia
Area: 31,500 km2
Maximum Depth: 1,637 m
It is world's deepest and most ancient freshwater lake.
Great Bear Lake
Location: Canada
Area: 31,000 km2
Maximum Depth: 446 m
Largest lake located entirely inside Canadian borders. 
Location: Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania
Area: 29,500 km2
Maximum Depth: 706 m
Lake Malawi
It is home to more species of fish than any other given lake.
Great Slave Lake
Location: Canada
Area: 27,000 km2
Maximum Depth: 614 m
 The second-largest lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. 

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