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10 Most Beautiful Desert Oases

Beautiful and mystic, oases are alluring lifelines of the desert.
Prerana Jamdarkhana
A stunning sight at the foot of Djebel el Negueb, Chebika - a mountain oasis in Tunisia is nothing less than a heaven on Earth.
Situated between the Messak Sattafat plateau and Idhan Ubari sand dunes, the Ubari oasis in Libya is decorated with native bushes and palm trees.
Known as “Oasis of America”, Huacachina in Peru is gorgeous with trees, vegetation and a small settlement.

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One of the popular nature sites of Israel, En Gedi oasis is located west of the Dead Sea near the caves of Qumran, literally meaning “spring of the kid(young goat)”.
Considered as a blessing from God, Wadi Bani Khalid in Oman flows throughout the year in the eastern region of Oman.
When rains fill up the lagoons of the national park, Maranhao in Brazil transforms into a stunning painting of blue waters entwining with the white sand.
A famous tourist attraction, Ziz is an oasis of Morocco which is formed when Moroccan river starts to dry out.
Situated in the Aïr Mountains, Timia oasis in Niger, is adorned with palm, citrus and date trees.
An oasis with a large lake is admired by many around the world. Gaberoun oasis located in the Fezzan region of southwestern Libya has a tourist camp along the northeastern shore.
Surrounded by Echoing-Sand mountain in Gobi Desert, Crescent Lake, China, is considered as one of the most beautiful oases.