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10 Must-Visit Places in Aomori, Japan

Akshay Kulkarni
Aomori Prefecture is known for its abundant nature and its vibrant capital Aomori city. A trip to this lovely prefecture would be incomplete, if you miss out on these fascinating places.

Aomori Bay

Along with owning the Aomori Bay Bridge, a marvelous piece of architecture, this bustling bay area is famous as the shopping hub in Aomori.


A major tourist attraction in the Shimokita Peninsula, these breathtaking rock formations are formed by volcanic tuff.

Aomori Tourist Information Center ASPAM

A unique architecture, this building has ample of shopping and dining options along with an observation deck which provides excellent views of the city.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this mountainous area in Tohoku region is blessed richly in exquisite natural occurrences.

Nebuta Museum WA RASSE

An extensive museum covering all the bits of the Nebuta Festival, one of Japan's most famous festivals. They even showcase the large Nebuta floats used in the festival.

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Lake Towada

Situated between the border of Aomori and Akita prefectures, this clear blue lake is the 12th largest lake in Japan.

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Jogakura Bridge

Opened in 1995 and over 120 m high, this bridge offers extraordinary panoramic views of the terrain around, especially in autumn.

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Hakkoda Mountains

Formed due to volcanic eruptions, the enthralling beauty of this mountain range is best explored by the Hakkoda Ropeway.

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Asamushi Aquarium

Home to over 10,000 marine animals, this extensive aquarium is known for its impressive dolphin show.

Aomori Museum of Art

Filled with magnificent art works presented in various forms; from contemporary paintings to 3D sculptures. This refreshing art museum also features the iconic Aomori Dog by local artist Yoshimoto Nara.