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10 Natural Swimming Holes in the United States

Harshada Kekare
#10. Paradise Forks, Arizona
This natural swimming hole can be found in Sycamore Canyon. It’s extremely difficult to get to, but not impossible.
#9. Warren Falls, Vermont
This natural pool can be found below the waterfalls and is full of crystal clear water.
#8. Juniper Springs, Florida
This is one of the oldest and most well-known natural swimming holes on the East Coast.

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#7. Devil’s Pool, Pennsylvania
Devil’s Pool is located in Wissahickon Park, right on the outskirts of Philadelphia. It’s a fan favorite during the summer, but is often considered dangerous.
#6. Cummins Falls, Tennessee
This swimming hole is located in the Cummins Falls State Park. It’s a popular swimming destination, especially for tourists.
#5. Havasu Falls, Arizona
This site is so beautiful, and so epic, that it’s often booked up for months. It’s located in the Grand Canyon.
#4. Sliding Rock, North Carolina
This is more than just a natural swimming hole and it's like a natural water park.
#3. Wekiwa Springs, Florida
These springs are one of the oldest attractions in Orange County, Florida. It’s a great way to uncover the natural landscape.
#2. Redfish Lake, Idaho
This lake is nearly five miles long and has a lot of opportunities for activities besides swimming.

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#1. Johnson’s Shut-Ins, Montana
The calm water here is crystal clear and surrounded by smooth rocks. Kids especially love this natural swimming spot.