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10 Serene Beautiful Lakes in Italy

Jenie Alex
This ancient city breathes through its picturesque lakes and breathtaking landscapes. The tranquil blue lakes of Italy are definitely a haven to the soul searching wanderers of this earth!
Experience Tranquility
The elaborate Nemi Ships were named after  the ancient lake Nemi of Rome, which were built on the orders of Emperor Caligula in  the 1st century AD.
To Begin With Let's Take a Historical Dip : Lake Nemi
The two ships, however got sunk and were destroyed during the antiquity and the First World War.
Located on the Western Dolomites,
20 kms south of Bolzano in
South Tyrol, Italy. Lake Carezza is known for its magnificent Turquoise color.
Lake Carezza : Turquoise Spell
The beautiful panoramic view of the landscape and the calm mystic mountains leaves you with calmness in the lap of the nature.
The tranquil location of the lake let's you connect with the nature deeply.
Lake Orta : The Smallest Lake
Located in Northern Italy, is often the venue for various literary events like poetry reading sessions, and definitely the surreal beauty of the lake leaves the honeymooners mesmerized and lost in the eternal beauty of the nature.
Lake Iseo is located in Northern Italy, in Lombardia. It is amongst the least popular lakes of Italy.
Lake Iseo : Far Away from the City
Also known as "pearl of Italy's lake district", with a low footfall the lake has been able to maintain its pristine glory.
Considered amongst the cleanest lakes of Italy, it is formed through the moranial bank of the fourth glacial era.
Lake Ledro : An Archaeological Site
Located in Trentino, in northern Italy. The lake has an underground source of water. The lake area was excavated in 1929 for a hydroelectric plant, however, it is now considered an archaeological site adjoining botanical garden and museum.
It is one of the biggest lakes in Italy, formed by the volcanic formation of the Vulsini volcano in 104 B.C., making it the largest volcano lake in Europe.
The Miraculous Lake : Lake Bolsnena
It is even called Italy's belly button because of its shape and strategic location. Lake Bolsena is located in central Italy, Tuscia
it is indeed a nature's miracle.
Also known as the largest lake in Italy. The origin of this lake is formed during the end of the ice age.
Lake Garda : Crystal Clear Waters
Lake Garda's name is derived from Germanic root word which means 'place of guard/observation'. The lake has also witnessed many historical battles. Battle of Rivoli in 1797 during the French Revolution, and Battle of Solferino are the bitter memories.
Located in Lombardy, Italy is also the third largest lake in Italy. The lake has two variable names; Lake Como and Lario. It is amongst the most beautiful lakes which has also received many literary and cinema references.
Lake Como : Fifth Deepest Lake of Europe
William Wordsworth's famous prelude is written in reference to Lake Como, similarly the lake was featured in several Hollywood movies.
The lake is named after its city Lugano, located between southern Switzerland and Northern Italy.
Lake Lugano : The Glacial Lake
Also famous for its cherry tree cultivation.
The southern parts of lake is the spot for fossils and dates back to mid Triassic age and Jurassic age.
Monte South Giorgio popular world heritage site is located south of Lake Lugano.
Located in the southern Alps. Lake Maggiore is amongst the famous international lakes of Italy, with serene mystic beauty. It is also the second largest lake in Italy, known for its rare garden and exotic plants.
Lake Maggiore : Mystic Beauty
Let your soul free to explore the most beautiful lakes of Italy. Let nature speak to you, as you delve into deep blue waters, and experience the power of nature's love with the unexplored realms of mystical landscapes.

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