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10 Shades of Surprising Facts About Pennsylvania You Need to Know

Aditi Yadwadkar Jul 29, 2020
#1. Web and Internet
Pennsylvania was the first state of the fifty United States to list their website URL on a license plate.
#2. Food
This one's for the foodies - Pennsylvania is home to Hershey's- one of the largest chocolate factories in the USA!
#3. Pennsylvania - The 'Keystone State' Like a keystone, Pennsylvania was the foundation that held together the other states of the newly formed Union, and still continuous to do so.
#4. Baseball
America's first baseball stadium -Forbes Fields, was built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1909.
#5. Technology
The first general purpose computer-ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1946.
#6. Pennsylvania - Geography 
Of all of the thirteen original colonies of the USA, Pennsylvania is the only one that does not border the Atlantic Ocean.
#7. Constitution and Laws
Not a lot of us know that the American Constitution was first signed in the independence hall of Pennsylvania.
#8. Pennsylvania History
Betsy Ross, who sewed the first American flag, was from Pennsylvania.
#9. Sports
The oldest golf course in the United States- Foxburg Golf course, is located in Clarion, Pennsylvania.
#10. Farming
Kennett Square, PA is considered the mushroom capital of the world and harvests one million pounds of mushrooms each year.