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10 Super-Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Brisbane, Australia

Aditi Yadwadkar Jul 29, 2020
Brisbane has nearly 300 days of sunshine a year - every day is a sunny day. Summer is just too long here!
PS. The hottest month here is January.
Brisbane, Australia played a central role in the Allied campaign during the World War II, and its seaport was the busiest seaport during that time.
For a capital city of Australia, Brisbane has a pretty low population density of 1.59 persons per hectare.
The longest cantilever bridge in the country - The Story Bridge - is situated in Brisbane, Australia, and it is a twin bridge of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, which is located in Canada.
Brisbane CBD streets are named after British Royalty. Ann, Adelaide, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Mary, Queen, and Margaret are the names of female royals that are given to the northeast facing streets. Streets perpendicular to these were named after male royals - George, William, Albert, and Edward.
The world's first cultivated Macadamia tree was planted in Brisbane, Australia by Sir Walter Hill in 1858. The seed for the tree was by brought in from Bushland near Gympie.
Second and third largest sand islands in the world - North Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island - are in Brisbane!
An interesting fact for all the foodies out there - the first ever Lamington cake was made in Brisbane, Australia.
Did you know that there is an underground opera in Brisbane?
Yes! The Spring Hill Reservoir was built in the late 1800s, and due to its fantastic acoustics, it was later converted into an underground opera.
Brisbane has a quirky nick name. The city is also called "Bris-Vegas" for its cosmopolitan lifestyle; locals guess, it's mainly because of the Treasury Casino in Brisbane, Australia.