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10 Things Miami is Known For

Sucheta Pradhan Jul 1, 2020
There’s something about Miami; just say the name and you can picture scenic coastlines, graceful palm trees, scintillating sunsets, lively beach parties, sumptuous food, and so much more. In short, Miami is GOOD LIFE wrapped into a colorful gift box!
Here are some of the best things Miami is known for and the reasons why you should visit the city at least once in your lifetime!
#1 - Gorgeous Beaches
Miami’s beaches are world class, and no matter what’s on your mind, you’ll find the perfect beach to serve your mood in the city.
Head to the popular South Beach for endless entertainment options and awe-inspiring party scene.
Make way to the off-beat 85th Street Beach on the North Shore if you’re seeking serenity and relaxation.
Want to picnic with kids? Take them to the Crandon Park Beach that features a nature center and a family amusement center.
Did you know that Miami is actually one of the warmest locations in the US during winter?
#2 - Pleasant Year-round Weather
Temperatures average between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit in Miami during winter – no wonder people love spending their vacations here!
Summer in Miami is hot and humid, and hence is considered an off-season for tourism. But if you are on a budget, it is also a decent time to travel.
#3 - Cosmopolitan Vibes of Ocean Drive
Representing quintessential Miami, Ocean Drive is the city’s liveliest street full of hot and happening events taking place all over.
The beautiful art-deco buildings colored in pastel shades line the Ocean Drive, and are one of its most recognizable features.
This 1.3-mile-long street has plenty of dining options, souvenir shops, bars, and nightclubs. You can spend your entire night roaming on Ocean Drive.
#4 - Electrifying Nightlife
Miami is known for its vibrant nightlife scene. In fact, some of the best nightclubs in Miami are also the best ones in the world.
Whether you’re on a romantic holiday, vacationing with your friends, or on a solo trip, the options in Miami are endless and unparalleled.
Shake a leg on the lovely rhythmic music, sip signature cocktails, party all night, or just loosen up at a beachside bar – you’ll never be disappointed!
#5 - Fascinating Live Music Scene
If you’re into live music, Miami is the perfect place to be. The city continuously hosts live music performances round the clock and at various venues.
Be it rock, jazz, latin, techno, or any other genre of music, Miami always has you covered.
The oldest and hottest nightclub with live music in Miami is Ball and Chain. It was opened in 1930s and even today, it’s the most popular venue in the city.
#6 - Latin-American Influences
Tagged as the “Capital of Latin America”, Miami’s culture has had strong Latin-American influences over the ages.
The most prominent ones are those from Cuba and Mexico, which are reflected in its food, drink, lifestyle, and even festivals.
Miami has a neighbourhood called “Little Havana” that shows the city’s close connections with Cuban culture.
#7 - Lots of Museums and Art Galleries
Yet another thing that testifies Miami’s status as a cultural hub, is the presence of several museums and galleries hosting outstanding exhibits about the city.
In the Pérez Art Museum, there are Latin-American art exhibits; the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science houses an impressive planetarium.
Miami also has plenty of art galleries, which host art exhibitions by local, national, and international artists from time to time.
#8 - Huge Number of Parks and Green Spaces
Fun Fact: Miami is the only American city to be surrounded by two National Parks – the Biscayne National Park and the Everglades National Park.
Within Miami, there are over 800 parks where you can picnic with your family or just relax in the afternoon.
The most popular urban park in Miami is the Oleta Park, which offers several activities for visitors like canoeing, wilderness biking, and so on.
#9 - Lip-smacking Food
A wide variety of food is available in Miami and there are several fine-dining as well as budget-friendly options to try out.
If you’re a foodie, don’t miss trying out some of Miami’s popular staple dishes like Chicharrón and Ceviche.
If you’re looking for a casual meal, try out the famous Cuban Sandwich, which will just blow your mind away.
#10 - World-class Shopping Scene
With upscale and budget options, and everything in between, Miami is the shoppers’ paradise.
The city has an endless list of shopping malls and open-air shopping areas where you can get anything and everything you can think of.
There are several beachside shopping areas in Miami as well. These are also often lined with amazing seaside eateries where you can relax after shopping.