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10 Things to Do in Beppu, Japan

Prabhakar Pillai May 19, 2020
Beppu is a popular hot springs resort located in Kyushu Island, Japan. The tourist destination boasts of over 2000 hot springs. Vistors can also enjoy the traditional bath houses here.
The holiday destination is surrounded by mountains and tourists can also visit the beach. The famous eight hells(hot springs) here are spread in Beppu's Kamegawa and Kannawa regions.
 Beppu offers a complete package to locals and tourists.
Have a Sand Bath

 One of the best venues to do this popular activity is Shoninigahama Beach. Except for the head the whole body is buried in sand which is heated by the hot spring below the surface. Touted benefits include relieving pain and relaxing the whole body.
Shidakako Lake

 Popular activities here include feeding the carp, taking a stroll around the lake and boating. Great destination for enjoying the beautiful scenery and bird watching.
Board the Beppu Ropeway

 The attraction can accomodate 101 individuals and takes barely 10 minutes to reach the height of 1,300 metres. It takes passengers to the top of Mount Tsurumi. The journey offers amazing views of the Beppu Bay.
Visit the Hells of Beppu

 These are eight magnificent and famous hot springs meant for watching and not for bathing. Each of the hot springs boasts of different mineral composition as well as benefits. As the hot springs are very hot they are not suitable to bathe in.
Mount Tsurumi

 The best way to get to the top of this mountain is by the Kinetsu Beppu Ropeway. The attraction offers breathtaking views of Beppu and the sea. Enjoy viewing the various different flowers and plants here. Here, there are walking paths ideal for hiking.
Cook Your Own Food

 The hot spring waters are also used to cook food. Several restaurants here serve eggs and vegetables cooked in the hot spring water. Visitors also have the option of using their own ingredients to cook.
Umi Jigoku(Sea Hell)

 One of the more attractive hells, the popular attraction boasts of a pond of boiling blue water. Popular activities here include visiting the spacious gardens and a clear water pond having lotus flowers.
Take a Bath in the Onsen

Beppu is also famous as an onsen town boasting of traditional Japanese bath houses. One of the best is Takegawara Onsen. Usually people visit  bath houses post a sand bath.
Meet crocodiles at Oni-yama
Jigoku(Devil Mountain Hell)

 This major hot spring is different as it hosts crocodiles. A popular activity here is watching the reptiles jump and grab the food. Foodies can try out the onsen-steamed potatoes and eggs cooked here.
Takasakiyama Monkey Park

 The popular attraction is home to over 1500 wild Japanese macaques also called as Japanese Snow Monkeys. The park is situated at the base of Mount Takasaki.