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10 Things to Do in Santa Croce, Florence

Santa Croce is an area in Florence, Italy. Tourists are drawn to Santa Croce because of its well known leather stores as well as it's magnificent churches, palaces and museums.
Prabhakar Pillai May 22, 2020
The place boasts of many packed restaurants and bars. It is highly popular among both locals and tourists. Enjoy visiting the umpteen markets, participating in festivals as well as watching concerts here.
Shop at San Lorenzo Market

 The popular attraction consists of 2 separate markets. There is an indoor food market and an outdoor market selling souvenirs, leather as well as clothing.
Head to the German Winter Market

 The biggest Winter market of Tuscany is not restricted to selling German items. Shoppers have the option of purchasing local English products as well as gift items fashioned by artisans from all parts of Europe.
Get entertained at Moyo

 This is a cool place to eat, drink and listen to lively foot-tapping music. Here the menu is different on different days of the week. The place is located on one of the most happening streets in Florence.
Visit Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale

 The attraction boasts of a large number of books, autographs and manuscripts. The old and large library was created out of Antonio Magliabech's private collection. Antonio was a Florentine librarian as well as bibliophile.
Visit the Basillica of Santa Croce

 The attraction is the burial site of several famous Italians including Galileo, Michelangelo and Machiavelli. The Basilica is the biggest Franciscan church in the world.
Explore Horne Museum

 The attraction focuses on art as well as furnishings of the city of Florence in the 14th and 15th centuries. The museum is named after the English Collector Herbert P. Horne who gifted his palace as well as the collections kept in it to the Italian State.
Purchase Leather Products

 Santa Croce is known for its many leather outlets. Here, there are leather stores on each street. A must visit is Scuola del Cuoio the most well known as well as biggest leather school in the area.
The Statue of Dante Alighieri

 Italian sculptor Enrico Pazzi built this attraction in 1865. The marble statue is located adjacent to the Basilica of Santa Croce. It bears the name 'Monument to Dante'.
Piazza Santa Croce

 The popular attraction is a famous square where there are palaces as well as a basilica. It is well known for it's vibrant nightlife. Every year the 'Calcio Fiorentino' tournament takes place here.
Boboli Gardens

 The attraction is located behind Pitti Palace. It boasts of beautiful fountains including the Fountain of the Ocean as well as the Fountain of Neptune. Boboli is one of the biggest and prettiest Italian style gardens.