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11 Best Tourist Attractions in Granada, Spain

Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is a heaven on earth. The once Moorish capital has been greatly influenced by Islamic, Jewish, Gypsy and now Christian communities.

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The majestic Alhambra was a Moorish fortress. Due to its picturesque setting, poets described it as, "a pearl set in emeralds".

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Once a summer palace of the Nasrid rulers, Generalife’s sprawling gardens laced with fountains have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Catedral de Granada
A fusion of Renaissance and Baroque styles, Granada Cathedral, or the Cathedral of the Incarnation is an architectural marvel.
Visiting the former Arabic quarter of Albaicín is an enchanting experience. Cobbled streets, white washed houses and the Church of San Nicolas adds up to its beauty.
Royal Chapel of Granada
The Isabelline style Royal Chapel of Granada is a treasure trove of artwork which includes King Ferdinand's sword & Queen Isabella's crown.
Known for its breathtaking locales, Montefrio has a ruined Moorish castle located at its highest point.
Located in Sacromonte, the Gypsy quarter is a vibrant place adorned with artistic houses and caves.
The Carthusian Monastery is a fantastic amalgamation of Spanish and Andalusian baroque architecture. The construction of this grand monastery took 3 centuries for its completion.
Exquisitely spray-painted by El Niño’s pictures, Granada’s old Jewish quarter – Realejo, is a charming place to meander around.
A magnificent blend of English and French style, Carmen de los Mártires breathes tranquillity. You can spot peacocks dancing at this romantic garden.
The elegant marble, arches, pillars, and octagonal skylights enhances the grandeur of El Bañuelo - the 11th century Arabic baths.

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