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11 Fascinating and Lesser-known Facts About Reunion Island

Aditi Yadwadkar Jul 25, 2020
#1. The Reunion Island is the home to the heaviest rainstorms on the planet. Once, 96-hour, 194.33 inches rainfall was recorded here... (That’s over 16 feet / 4.9 meters of rain!)
#2. The Reunion Island is so beautiful that nearly 40% of the land on it is a UNESCO heritage site!
#3. The most expensive road in France is on the Reunion island. It is 12.5 km long and its cost is at least €1.66 billion!
 #4. The GDP on the island per capita was $26,369 in 2013. If Reunion Island, were its own country, it would rank No. 35 in the world.
#5. Reunion Island is not only mountainous but also volcanic in origin.
#6. Reunion culture is a varied mix of other cultures, influenced by Africa, Europe, China, and India.
#7. Most dangerous and fatal shark attacks in the world take place at Reunion Island.
#8. Reunion Island has the most beautiful village in France, which in fact, is outside France!
#9. In fact, one of the villages on the Reunion Island can only be reached by helicopter or by foot!
#10. The place  is not only scenic, but it also has one of the world's most active volcanoes.
#11. And after all the site seeing, if you'd want to end the day on a 'high' note, here you will also get the best rum in the world!