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11 Interesting Things to Do in Okinawa, Japan

Priya Johnson Jul 31, 2020
Comprising over 160 islands, Okinawa is the southernmost part of Japan, popularly loved for its thriving coral reefs and diving opportunities.
Scuba Diving
Okinawa is known for its novel scuba diving sites. Sea turtles, clown fish, sea anemones, manta rays, etc. are some of the marine creatures you will get to enjoy.
Gyoku Sendo Caves
These limestone caves are a national treasure, with a record of over a million stalactites, highest in all of Japan. Explore the caves via a guided tour.
Okinawa World Theme Park
The highlight of this park is the traditional Okinawa village or Kingdom Village built to give insight into the culture of the people and the land.
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Another unique way to explore the Okinawa underwater world is by visiting this marvelous aquarium.
Housing one of the largest tanks in the world, this aquarium proudly showcases its giant whale sharks, manta rays, etc.  
Cape Manzamo
An epic spot for photography enthusiasts, this beautiful limestone cliff ends in what bears semblance to an elephant’s trunk. Enjoy mesmerizing views of the Okinawa Sea from here.
Kabira Bay
Visit the World’s first Bay to cultivate the black pearl. Since black pearl cultivation takes place in this bay, swimming is prohibited. 
However, an hour’s ride in their glass bottomed boats will enable you to explore the exemplary coral gardens of the bay.
Nago Pineapple Park
A few highlights of this pineapple-themed amusement/educational park are the pineapple train, pineapple carts, and the sky walk.. Learn all about this tropical fruit in this creatively-designed environment.  
 Purchase all kinds of pineapple products from confectioneries to wines at their stores. Also enjoy a variety of exotic pineapple-based drinks and desserts. 
Ryukyu Village
Get a closer insight into the history and culture of the land at Ryukyu Village. At this theme park, the varied exhibits will take you back into time. Try your hand at Ryukyu glass craft making and much more.
 Mihama American Village 
This American-themed village with its giant Ferris wheel, is a fun-filled place to spend the day. With a wide range of American and Okinawan stores to shop from, it’s a wonderful blend of cultures. 
 Okinawan Specialties 
Pork, seaweed, fish, and fruits are main ingredients in Okinawan cuisine. Soba noodle dishes of different variations are also a specialty. Chinsuko cookies are also worth trying. Okinawan rice alcohol called awamori is a popular local drink to try.
 Benimo or Purple-Potato Desserts
Their purple potato also called benimo is used as a base in a number of desserts. You will find this potato in a variety of desserts from ice-creams, sweets and even chocolates.