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11 Unknown Facts About Wyoming State That Only Locals Are Aware of!

Aditi Yadwadkar Jul 31, 2020
1. Most of us know that Wyoming is called the Equality State. But many don't know why!
Wyoming was the first state that gave  women voting rights in 1869 with the genuine conviction that women are equal to men.
This reflects its official motto - 'Equal Rights'
2. Another testament of Wyoming's motto of gender equality is that it is the first state in the country that also elected the country's first woman governor in 1925.
3. Though the 'Equality State' is the 10th largest state by area in the country, it is also the least populous state, as approximately 586,000 people live within its 97,818 square miles.
4. Yellowstone is the nation's first national park, and most of its area lies in Wyoming. The park is a home to 67 species of mammals, 300 types of birds, 16 species of fish, and over 5 types of different amphibians.
5. Everyone knows that the official state mammal of Wyoming is Bison. But not many know that more people are hurt by bison than by bears at Yellowstone. This has led to an initiative keep the bison population down by capturing and killing them.
6. Wyoming is also one of the only six states in the USA to have an official state dinosaur. Wyoming's state dinosaur is the triceratops, mainly because the iconic Triceratops lived in Wyoming over 65 million years ago.
7. In the history of Wyoming, Cheyenne was the wealthiest city in the country, or even in the world. The thriving cattle industry and the gold rush is said to have made the city rich.
8. Yellowstone has an infamous cone geyser and it erupts at every one and half hour. The predictions about its eruptions are accurate nearly every time, within a ten-minute window.
9. Within the borders of the state, Wyoming has over 32 islands that have proper names, even though the state is landlocked.
10. Wyoming food makes it a heaven for foodies because of its buffalo fries and other iconic American dishes. Most visit the state to witness how it feels like to dine as a cowboy in Wyoming!
11. Can you believe that the entire state of Wyoming has only two escalators and both of them are located in Casper - the second largest city in the state.