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12 Beautiful Beaches in Iceland

Iceland's gorgeous beaches are extraordinary experiences made up of nature’s raw beauty.
Sreedevi Nair
The Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is all about starkly contrasting yet alluring natural beauty.
The destination guarantees a splendid panorama filled with dramatic landscapes seldom found anywhere else in the world.

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You will be spoilt with choices if you are a nature lover and this awesome Nordic island country is also a photographer’s delight.
Among its enigmatic sceneries, Iceland’s beaches are quite alluring. But, it is also not just another beach destination...
The beaches in Iceland are more of a natural wonder than just sandy shores and sunny blue skies. It is different from a normal tropical beach spot where you can stretch out in the sun for sunbathing.
Here, have a look at Iceland’s incredible beaches that are beyond comparison.
A stunning beach carved by the Icelandic glaciers.
The Diamond Beach
The fusion of black shores sprinkled with glacial blue ice conjures up an otherworldly charm of sparkling diamonds of the shores; thus the name ‘Diamond Beach’.
Capture some amazing landscapes in your camera lens. A 'not-to-miss' attraction in Iceland, the beach showcases the best of nature’s work of art.
Reynisfjara Black Beach
Iceland being a volcanic terrain has many black beaches. Among these, Reynisfjara is peculiarly breath-taking to view.
The jagged stacks of basalt –cliff formation feels surreal. Together with a serene ambiance, this beach feels wonderfully sublime.
Set on West Iceland at Snæfellsjökull glacier, this beautiful black pebbled beach is flanked by lava rocks and freshwater lagoons.
A popular spot in Iceland, Solheimasandur is famously known for the plane wreckage on the beach.

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The beach is famous among photographers and is incredibly fascinating to visit.
Grótta Beach
A stunning beach set on a small island located away from Reykjavik, Grótta Beach allures migratory birds and is an ideal spot for bird watchers.
Dyrholaey Beach
Known for the 'Arch with the Hole', this gorgeous beach is flanked by cliffs that offer stunning scenic views of the serene ambiance. The beach is also famous for spotting puffins and other nesting birds.
Take a stroll along the shores of Ytri-Tunga and you might come across a friendly seal. The beach is a favorite habitat of harbor seals, grey seals, hooded seals and ring seals.
Álftanes Beach
A beautiful white shoreline stretched on the edge of Álftanes Peninsula, this idyllic beach is apt for an evening stroll to enjoy Iceland’s natural scenic views.
Rauðisandur Beach
A stroll on this beach feels like walking on a life-size painting.
This impressive beach in Westfjords plays with color tones as the light and shadow changes throughout the day. You will find yourself staring into at an endless shoreline that enigmatically changes from an amber-hued sandy beach to shades of dark red and golden landscape.
This is one place to dip, swim and sunbathe in Iceland. Nauthólsvík beach has an artificial hot spring tub where one can enjoy a warm soak to rejuvenate.
Breidavik Beach
Icy-blue waters and golden sands… as far as your eyes can see...
An excellent beach for birdwatchers and beach lovers, this tranquil beach located in Látrabjarg is one of the most popular beaches in Iceland to visit.
Step away from the mundane and experience the extraordinary!
A visit to Iceland will be one of the best off-beat journeys of your life.