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12 Fun and Interesting Facts About Orlando, US

Richa Singh
Orlando city in Florida State of US is a much-loved tourist destination with a splendid line up of theme parks, shopping malls and golf courses. This city in the orange seat of Orange County is one of the most visited cities in the world.
The city was originally called Jernigan, and apparently, it's current name is based on the character "Orlando" from Shakespeare's play "As You Like It."
In 2015, 66 million people visited Orlando, the highest for any destination.
Orlando's daily count of visitors is equivalent to the population of Atlanta.
Orlando has more than 100 lakes, most of which are sinkholes. One of its lakes, Lake Eola is a 80 ft deep sinkhole.

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Orlando used to be a citrus-industry hub in the past; climate change in late 1800s caused the industries to shift south.
Dr. Philip Philips, a businessman from Orlando, had mastered the canned orange juice process and later sold his company to Minute Maid in 1954, for $50 million.
The city is officially nicknamed "The City Beautiful" and unofficially is also called "O-town."
The first theme park at Orlando, Gatorland, opened in 1949 and was called so due to a 15-foot long gator it exhibited. The Walt Disney World opened in 1971; 15 years after Walt Disney's death.
Hollywood helped demolish Orlando's old city hall. The hall was blown up for the opening scene of Lethal Weapon 3.
Universal Studios opened here with Back to the Future, E.T., Ghost Busters, The Bates Hotel Attractions and Nickelodeon in 1990.
Shingle Creek Waterway in Orlando is brimming with thousands of alligators.
Orlando has world's largest McDonald's and world's largest Disney Store.