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12 Incredible Facts About Bali, Indonesia

Prabhakar Pillai Jul 31, 2020
Bali is a world famous tourist attraction located in the country of Indonesia.
While the tropical paradise is popular for its scenic beauty and friendly locals, there are some things unique to this place which you may not know.
1.  Bali has Black Sand Beaches.
Bali is world famous for its exquisite white sand beaches. However, did you know that there are black sand beaches created by the cooling down of lava from the volcanoes here? These unusual beaches are concentrated in the North Western region.
2. Here, you can taste the most expensive coffee in the world.
Here, coffee beans are sourced from the feces of civet. The latter is a cat-like animal that consumes coffee cherries. The beans have a novel taste compared to handpicked beans. The price per cup can be as high as 50 dollars.
3. Nyepi Day is celebrated here.
This day is also called 'The Day of Silence'. It is a New Year celebration as per the Balinese calendar. No work or travel is permitted on this day. This applies even to tourists.
4. There is a recent attraction - The Bamboo Chocolate Factory.
The chocolate producing  establishment has been operating since 2011. It is inside the largest commercial bamboo building in the world.
5. It is a spa paradise.
There are a staggering 1,200 spas here. Bali boasts of a very high density of spas.
6. In Balinese homes, people are supposed to leave some food on their plates.
If you are invited for a meal in a Balinese home, you should not completely empty your plate. So, leave some food at the end on your plate.
7. Unique Culture
Bali boasts of handicrafts and traditional dances which are not found in any other part of the world.
8. The direction 'North' is different here.
As per the Balinese, north means 'up' where gods as well as spirits live. Mount Agung is a sacred place for the locals. So, from any spot in Bali, north means the direction where this mountain is.
9. Bali has only two seasons - Wet and Dry.
10. The Island of the Gods boasts of over 20,000 temples.
11. In Bali, parents are not permitted to put infants on the ground till the age of 3 months.
12. Bali is located in waters dubbed 'Amazon of the Seas'. This title is given because of the extraordinary biodiversity surpassing even the Great Barrier Reef.