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12 Incredible Things about Prague You Probably Didn't Know

Sucheta Pradhan
Walked by emperors, authors, and artists, the legendary city of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic in Central Europe makes you fall in love with it again and again.
It is a bonafide fairytale city that spells Gothic extravagance, 19th century splendor, and 20th century fervor, all at the same time.
Fact #1
...the entire city of Prague, the City of Hundred Spires, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.
With colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, and a magical vibe...
Fact #2
Prague Castle is the largest in the world and comprises stunning chapels, impressive cathedrals, imposing palaces, gorgeous gardens, and so on.
Fact #3
The Astronomical Clock Tower is Prague’s most iconic landmark. Legend has it that the clock’s maker was blinded by the Old Town councillors out of fear of its recreation in another city.
Yet, the South Koreans managed to replicate it exactly in Seoul’s Hongdae district!
Fact #4
The locals particularly hate it as it disrupts the city’s magical medieval skyline.
Prague is home to one of the world’s ugliest buildings, the Žižkov Television Tower.
Fact #5
Beer is Prague’s favorite drink. In fact, people of Prague drink more beer per capita than literally any other country in the world.
Fact #6
As per local legends, Prague’s famous Charles Bridge is haunted by a lot of ghosts.
Fact #7
Prague’s Jewish Quarter was not destroyed in World War II. In fact, Hitler wanted to settle in Prague after the war and wished to make the Jewish Quarter an open-air museum dedicated to the ‘extinguished race’.
Fact #8
Europe’s oldest active synagogue is located in Prague. Founded in 1270, the Old New Synagogue stands in the historic Jewish quarter of Josefov.
Fact #9
The famous Dancing House in Prague was built in mid-1990s and symbolizes the fusion of communism and democracy.
Fact #10
Prague’s GDP per capita is highest in all of Czech Republic, thus making the standard of living of the people of Prague extremely high.
Fact #11
Prague has one of the largest city squares in the world.
Charles Square was also the largest town square in medieval Europe, known by many names like the “The Big Marketplace” and “Cattle Market”.
Fact #12
The Head of Franz Kafka is a kinetic sculpture of 42 rotating panels, installed outside Prague’s Quadrio shopping center.
It is dedicated to the Bohemian German-language writer Franz Kafka.