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12 Interesting Facts About Cancun, Mexico

Richa Singh Jun 20, 2020
Cancun is a city in southeastern Mexico, known for its spectacular white sand beaches, world-class resorts and happening nightlife.
1. The sand at Cancun's beaches is made of crushed coral; this means that the sand under your feet will always feel cool, regardless of the surrounding weather.
2. Back in 1970, only 3 people, who used to look after a coconut plantation, inhabited the land. The population has risen to 9.5 lakhs in 2020 owing to Cancun's continuous development.
3. Cancun is a Mayan word that translates to "nest of snakes." But don't worry! Unlike what the name projects, the place isn't populated by a lot of snakes and is entirely safe.
4. Cancun tourism accounts for an impressive share of 1/3rd of Mexico's tourism revenue.
5. Cancun is divided into 3 districts: Downtown Cancun—the affordable place to shop, where you can interact with locals; Ecological Reserve—Mexico's largest natural ecosystem; Hotel Zone—the place with spectacular beaches and amazing shopping options for tourists.
6. Between 2009–10, 7 miles of coast was added here by adding 1.3 gallons of sand. This was basically done to restore the coast lost to Hurricane Wilma in 2005.
7. Between May and September, you can join the huge whale sharks for an adventurous swim. Don't worry! They are absolutely harmless!
8. In May, you can join the hotel staff in helping thousands of egg-laying turtles in protecting their eggs. It's one of the most loved activities of Cancun's Hotel Zone.
9. Cancun is home to an amazing underwater museum, with 500 life-sized sculptures in display. The museum is the largest artificial underwater attraction in the world.
10. Cancun's Maya Barrier Relief is the second largest in the world. It is blessed with colorful corals, lively marine life and torquise-hued water.
11. A huge Mexican flag overlooks the Cancun's busy Hotel Zone. It took a whopping 40 soldiers to raise the 288 kg flag with a 344 ft long flag pole.
12. Cancun is shaped like the number 7. Therefore, visitors get the view of beach as well as lagoon from the hotels.