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12 Interesting Things to Do in Kennebunkport, Maine

Priya Johnson Apr 1, 2024
This coastal fishing town is a popular summer destination. Known for its postcard-perfect landscape, pristine beaches, water activities, deliciously fresh lobsters, and much more, Kennebunkport offers lots of interesting things to vacationers.
Intown Trolley Tour
During this narrated trolley tour, you not only get to tour the place and see the landmarks but also get a brief idea about its history. A fun way to tour Kennebunkport.
Streetcar Ride at
Seashore Trolley Museum
This quirky museum happens to be the oldest and largest electric railway museum in the world. Electric street cars from around the world as displayed here. Also enjoy a ride in a restored antique street car here.
Kennebunkport Beaches
With an extensive 5000 mile coastline, Kennebunkport is a place loved for its beaches and water activities. Gooch’s beach, Goose Rocks beach, Colony Beach and Middle Beach are popular beaches here.

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Lobster Boat Cruise

Hop aboard the wooden lobster boat and accompany the crew as they haul in fresh lobsters from the ocean. The crew even allows tourists to handle the lobster traps.
Schooner Eleanor Sailing Cruise
This sailing cruises typically begin from Kennebunk river and sail along the Maine coastline. Besides enjoying the scenic views, you can even try handling the sails.

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Whale Watching
Sign up for a whale watching tour under the guidance of experienced sea captains. Chances to see humpback, finback, and even the rare blue whale are high here.
Photography and nature enthusiasts are in for a treat at this park. Hiking, kayaking, fishing are other activities one can enjoy here.
Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge
Eat Lots of Lobster
Lobsters are a must-have when in Kennebunkport. Delicious and succulent lobster rolls, baked and steamed lobsters, lobster pizzas are all popularly enjoyed dishes here.
Eat a Whoopie Pie
Maine’s state treat, the whoopie pie is actually two delicious cake-like cookies, sandwiched with a creamy center. Take home delicious chocolate-dipped whoopie balls as edible souvenirs.
Horse-back Riding
on the Beach
Guided horse-back riding experiences are offered by River Hurst Farm. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the scenic views, breeze, and sandy beach.
Beer Tasting Tour
Kennebunkport Brewery Company and several other craft breweries serve great craft beers. Sign up for a beer tasting tour and tantalize your taste buds.
Cocktail/Mixology Class
If you’re looking to do something quirky, then sign up for one of the cocktail classes in the town. It’s a fun way to make new friends, interact with the locals, learn a skill, and enjoy some booze.