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12 Interesting Things to Do in Tampere, Finland

Priya Johnson
The largest inland city in the Nordic region, this city is a beautiful blend of culture, heritage, fun and scenic beauty. Churches, museums and water bodies are a common sight. Nevertheless, there's lots of exciting things to do in Tampere. Let's find out what they are.
Tampere houses the largest number of public saunas in all of Finland, which is why it is called the nation's Sauna Capital. The variety of traditional to new sauna's even give it the title of sauna capital of the world.
Sauna Capital of Finland
Of the 30 plus public saunas in Tampere, Rajaportti sauna is the oldest public sauna, opened in 1906 and is definitely worth a visit. It's a unique experience enjoying a sauna in a place that has so much history attached to it.
Oldest Public Sauna
Founded in 1998, this museum was the first ever spy museum in the world. Learn all about the different spy gear and more about the detective world from all the different exhibits.
Spy Museum
This huge theme park houses more than just amusement park rides. It also houses an aquarium, planetarium, and even an observation tower that offers magnificent views of the city.
Särkänniemi Theme Park
A part of the Särkänniemi amusement park, this angry bird theme park is worth a visit. The rides, games and activities based on this video game is extremely well designed.
Angry Birds Land
Climb up or taken an elevator up the 26m high observation tower to enjoy a stunning view of the entire city, magical sunset view and an even more spectacular night view.
Pyynikki Observation Tower
Situated at the base of the Pyynikki observation tower, this famous cafe offers the most delicious, freshly baked Munkki donuts in all of Finland.
Munkki Finnish Donuts at Pyynikki Cafe
Erected in 1970, this tower happens to be the second tallest observation tower in the entire Nordic region. Situated in Särkänniemi park, this tower is even nicknamed as the symbol of Tampere.
Näsinneula Observation Tower
For a rather unique fine-dinning experience, head over to this 124m high Näsinneula observatory tower and enjoy a meal at their rotating restaurant. Nothing like a stunning view of the city while relishing a scrumptious meal at the same time.
Restaurant Näsinneula Rotating Restaurant
Located in the old red brick building, this museum is actually a building housing many museums co-existing side by side. So once you head inside, you can actually choose from a number of museums according to your area of interest area.
Museum Vapriikki
The different museums you can visit in Museum Vapriikki are the Dolls Museum, Finnish Postal Museum, Tampere Mineral Museum, Media Museum Rupriikki, Tampere Museum of Natural History and the Finnish Museum of Games.

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This park is situated in the center of the city and is a lovely place for kids and families to spend time playing with ducks and hens.
Duck Park
Largest market hall in the Nordic Region, this indoor market was opened in 1901. It is a vibrant place lined with a variety of stalls and shops selling their wares. Guided tours are also available for tourists.
Tampere Market Hall
Enjoy hopping from one gastro pub to another, all situated in close proximity to one another. A large variety of beers, wines and ciders are available at these pubs along with scrumptious local pub food.
Gastro Pub Hopping
The world's only Moomin museum is a must-visit for Moomin fans. Dive into the mind of the author and find out the inspiration behind the different characters of the Moomin children's stories.
Moomin Museum
This neighborhood is loved for its picture perfect, Instagram-worthy settings. Colorful wooden houses overlooking two beautiful lakes gives this locality its mesmerizing charm.
Pispala Neighborhood