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12 Mesmerizing Things to Do in NYC with Kids

Planning a trip with family, including kids, here is a list of things not to miss when with the little ones.
Ronak Shah
Natural History Museum
Take your kid back in time to the Mesozoic era to get a peek of a dinosaur.
Dylan's Candy Bar
With over 7,000 confections in the bar, be ready to go candy-picking with your kid.
Staten Island Ferry
Get spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, New York harbor, and other skyscrapers in a 25-minutes long ferry ride.
Bronx Zoo
Give your kids a piece of nature by taking them to the Bronx Zoo, home to 4,000 animals including lions, giraffes, and zebras.
Statue of Liberty
Take your kid to the Statue of Liberty and let them cherish the experience of climbing up the torch.
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar and Restaurant
The good girls and boys deserve a little treat for having their behavior in check. Let temptation soak you in Chunk Cookies with whipped cream, Mac and Cheese, Berries, and Melted Chocolate.
Helicopter Tour of NYC
You can't cover the entire New York in even a span of five days. However, you can book a helicopter tour of NYC and experience the bird's eye view of the city.
Bowling Alley
The weather is unpredictable in the New York City. It could be too hot, too cold, or too rainy to visit any place. In such a case, there are many bowling alleys that you can explore with your kids.
New Amsterdam Theatre
Offer Behind-the-Magic experience to your kids with costumes to try on from their favorite Disney Movies.
Pizza-tasting Tour
Take your kids for a 4.5 hours long pizza tour among the best pizzerias across Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.
Times Square
Be game for iconic neon lights, costumed characters, and click a lot of pictures with your kids.
Gulliver's Gate
Explore the miniature world with your little ones.
Some Tips to Max. Out the Fun
  • The weather of NYC could be a bit too extreme, so it is advisable to carry a coat and an umbrella.¬†
  • While planning a trip to the New York City, get the tickets to museums and places booked well in advance.
  • A tour to the NYC with kids can be really hectic. Take time to explore the eateries and restaurants to keep them engaged and energized.