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12 of the Best Cyclades Islands to Visit in Greece

The Cyclades are a group of islands in the Aegean Sea that surrounds the sacred island of Delos.
Maya Pillai May 22, 2020
These islands are known for their sandy and pristine beaches, crystal blue seas, white and blue architectures and traditional lifestyles.
The Greeks believe that Poseidon, the Sea God, turned the Cyclades nymphs into islands in his anger.
It is the northern island that has rocky coastline, lush vegetation and gurgling streams. It is a picture perfect postcard Cyclades.
A lesser known island that is a religious destination for those who seek spiritual comfort. People flock here to fulfill their vows and offer thanks to the church of Panagia Meyalóhari.
An amazing and most sought after holiday destination among the Greek Cyclades is Mykonos. This place is famous for its sandy and pristine beaches, white chapels and Cycladic architecture.
This island is close to Attica. Kea is known for its oak forest, olive groves, steep mountains, picturesque coves and vineyards. This island is a birdwatcher's delight.
A crescent shaped island consisting of a group of islands is located in the southernmost part of the Cyclades. It is known as the gem of the Aegean Sea.
A Cyclade with thermal springs. Though it is close Attica, it is one of the less visited islands. Another name for Kythnos is Thermia.
Nios is formally known by the name "Ion." It is a Greek name for the flower Violet. This island is the birthplace of Homer's Mother. It also houses his tomb.
A beautiful island with golden beaches, hills and mind-lowing landscapes of white villages. An ideal place to relax and enjoy the Greek traditions and culture.
This is the greenest island of the Cyclades. It lures the tourists with high mountains, lush green valleys, rolling hills, and stunning seascapes.
The natives of this island still continue to wear their traditional clothes. Naxos has beautiful old churches, Venetian castles and monasteries.
This Cyclade is an islet lying southwest of Paros. Antiparos can be reached from Parikia or Punda by a boat. An ideal island for a relaxed holiday.
The picturesque island with cliffs, mountains, quaint churches terrace, sandy beaches, and coves.
Delos is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. In the ancient times it was a religious center as it was the birth place of Apollo and Artemis.
Though the island is uninhabited today, it receives a large number of tourists who travel from far and near to admire the monuments and impressive mosaics.