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12 Reasons to Visit Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Shruti Nair
1. Water Sports: Enjoy the sunsets or better kayak your way into a sunset.
Add in snorkeling to view the sea urchins and sea cucumbers that call the sea wall protecting the bay, their home.
Or dive into the warm sea and experience the vibrant marine life.
2. Playa la Ropa: Enjoy surfing on the longest beach here. If surfing is not your thing, lounge at the beach side bars and enjoy a drink.
3. Boutique Stay: Contrary to its neighboring places, Zihuatanejo offers a view of the bay from its hotels.
4. Paseo del Pescador: This beautiful waterfront promenade curls around the bay, starting from municipal pier to the east side of Playa Madera.
Get a slice of local life early in the morning, when fishermen lay out their catches or bask in the evening sunset, walking along the walkway.
5. Costa Grande Archaeological Museum: Right on the promonade is a small museum displaying
the pre-Hispanic settlements and cultures on the Costa Grande. There are six rooms showcasing pieces from the Mexica, Olmec, Tarascan and Teotihuan cultures.
6. Partenón del Negro Durazo: Visit this urban legend that over the years has become a popular tourist destination. This mansion belonged to an infamous Chief of Police.
7. Golf: Play golf at the arenas around Zihuatanejo, like Palma Real Golf Course, which is currently the most popular one.
8. Cuisine: Enjoy some traditional  tiritas de pescado among other seafood options. These are raw fish, cut into strips, accompanied with lemon juice, onions and chillies.
9. Playa las Gatas: This pristine beach is on the south of the bay. Take a ferry to reach here from the promenade. Swim here or walk over to the lighthouse to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
10. Cycling: Get some exercise on an eight-kilometre bike trail through a nature reserve that consists of a  rain forest. Be ready to see roseate spoonbills, iguanas, herons, parrots, cardinals, lake turtles and armadillos, as you coast through ceiba and parota forest where the trees get up to 40 metres high.
11. Whale Watching: A visit during November to April will be greeted by thousands of humpback and grey whales off Mexico’s Pacific coast. Witness mothers come from Alaska to give birth in these warmer waters.
12. Sail Fest: This annual maritime event aims to raise money for Zihuatanejo’s most disadvantaged children. Over the last 16 years, it has grown into one of Mexico’s top sailing events with a week-long program comprising of dance, gala dinner, and benefit concert.