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12 Things You Should Know About Guinea, West Africa

Richa Singh
Guinea is located in West Africa and is known for its rich mineral resources, diverse wildlife and habitats.
It is the 79th largest country in the world.
Grand Mosque located here is the fourth largest mosque in Africa which can host up to 25,000 people at a time.
Guinea is known as Guinea-Conakry; this is to distinguish it from the neighbouring countries of Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea.
Conakry is the capital city of Guinea. It's a port city on Atlantic Ocean and also serves as Guinea's cultural, financial and economical center.
The country has one-fourth of the world's Bauxite reserve, which makes it the world's second largest Bauxite-producing nation.
It has 320 km long coastline and some beautiful beaches to offer to its visitors.
Guinea was known as French Guinea while it was under French rule for 70 years, until it got itsĀ  freedom on 2nd October, 1958.
It has the 9th lowest adult literacy rate in the world; here, the primary education is compulsory only upto 6 years of age.
About 35.6% of its land is protected for the conservation of forests and wildlife.
Although many local languages are also spoken, French is the official language of Guinea.
Football is the most loved sport here. The country's national football team is called Syli Nationale, which translates to National Elephants.