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12 Tourist Attractions in Saint John, New Brunswick

Maya Pillai Jul 30, 2020
Saint John, New Brunswick(NB) was discovered by Samuel de Champlain in 1604. It is one of the oldest Canadian cities.
Rockwood Park
The park has a zoo, horse stables, freshwater lakes, hiking trails, caves and waterfalls. .
In summer, fishing, swimming and kayaking is allowed.
Carleton Martello Tower
One of the forts built by the Britishers during the War of 1812. It is a round shaped tower with a flat roof that served as a British defensive structure till World War II.
New Brunswick Museum
Best way to know the history of Saint John City is by visiting the museum. It's located in the uptown of Saint John.
King's Square
On any warm and sunny day, spend a few hours picnicking at this beautiful park. King Edward VII Memorial Bandstand is located at the middle of the park.
On select weekends and weekdays, free outdoor concerts are hosted.
The Bay of Fundy
The bay is known for its highest tides in the world. Saint John is an excellent location for whale watching.
The Fundy Trail
An hour's drive from Saint John is the Fundy Trail, a coastline. Depending on the time of the year, you can kayak, bike, ski or hike. It has breath-taking views and secluded beaches.
Fundy National Park
Park is home to some of the wild animals like moose, beavers, and black bears. The park sprawls along the Bay of Fundy's coastline.
Saint John City Market
A trip to the city will not be complete without visiting the 18th century market. The ceiling of this market resembles an upturned hull of a ship. The market building is a tribute to the thriving shipping industry.
The Reversing Falls
A must-watch scene where the river flows down to the sea and at a certain point, the high tides pushes the river water back to create rapids and whirlpools.
Downtown Art Galleries
A stroll through the downtown brings you to the art galleries where you can chat with the artists, have a glimpse of the artworks on display.
Cape Spencer Lighthouse
The view from the Lighthouse is phenomenal. The high cliffs and the coastline of the Bay of Fundy is breath-taking.
Uncorked Tours
Get the taste of local cuisine and drinks by going a walking food trail. Local and seasonal produce is usually served with fresh seafood. You get to taste a drink from the local breweries.