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13 Amazing Things to Do in Nagoya, Japan

Priya Johnson
Known for being the center of the automotive industry and base for the leading car manufacturer Toyota, Nagoya is a city full of life, color, culture, and cuisine!

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Panoramic View from Nagoya TV Tower

This iconic landmark of Nagoya offers phenomenal night views of the city. It has been certified as the ‘Night View Inheritance of Japan’.

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Stunning Sunset View from Sky Promenade

This observatory tower is the tallest building in Nagoya city. It offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city.

View the City from Sky Boat: Mall’s Ferris Wheel

Unlike any other mall you’ve been to, the Sunshine Sake Mall has a Ferris Wheel attached to it. Accessible from the third floor of the mall, a ride on it offers great views of the city.

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Nagoya Castle

Converted into a museum, housing various treasures of art, this 15th-century castle's topmost floor is the perfect place to enjoy phenomenal views of the city.

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Nabana No Sato’s Winter Illumination Event

Every winter, Nabana Sato Park is turned into a winter wonderland. Millions of LED bulbs transform the park into Japan’s largest illumination display.
For a bird's eye view of the illuminated display, climb up the 45m high slanting observatory and enjoy the lights!

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The long tunnel of lights is undoubtedly the most gorgeous tunnel you’ve ever walked in. It ends in a breathtaking light show.

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

Owned by the Central Japan Railways, this railway museum exhibits actual trains for visitors to behold, including the latest magnetic levitating trains (maglev) and amazing train simulators.

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Nagoya City Science Museum

Home to the largest planetarium in the world, the exhibits inside this museum are a sight to behold. Though all the shows are in Japanese, it’s still a must-visit attraction in Nagoya for one and all.

Toyota Techno Museum

Car-aficionados are in for a treat at Toyota’s museum. Enjoy the latest car displays and exhibits. Enjoy a tour around the museum and purchase souvenirs from the gift shop.

Toyota Plant Tour at Kaikan Museum

At the plant tours here, you get to take a look at the automobile production process up close.

Noritake Museum and Ceramics Craft Center

Noritake Museum houses a large variety of tableware on display in its exhibits. After touring the museum, head to its Craft Center and experience glazing your own porcelain dish!

Miniland Japan Legoland

For a unique bird’s eye view of the city’s landmarks, head to Japan Legoland’s ‘Miniland’. The landmarks are all constructed using lego bricks, and the intricate designs are mind-blowing!

Traditional Sweet Souvenir : Uiro

Uiro is a local Nagoya confectionary you can take back home. Made from rice flour, this steamed gelatinous sweet is available in a variety of flavors.

Osu Shopping District

If you’re looking for traditional handicrafts and souvenirs, then Osu Shopping District is the place to go! Stroll around the tourist-friendly streets and take home beautiful souvenirs from the city.