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13 Cool Facts About Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz is a Spanish port city in Andalusia. The city is the capital of the Province of Cadiz. It is currently divided in two parts – the old charming city with historical buildings, parks and beaches; and the other modern side with high apartments and hotels.
It is famous for its stunning beaches, the rich history, the architectural beauty, the city walls, and the sunny climate.
Facts About Cadiz
Cadiz is the oldest inhabited city in Spain and one of the oldest in Western Europe. The city was founded in 1100 BC by the Phoenicians.
It was an important port during the Age of Discovery and the Spanish Golden Age.
The city had various names. The Pheonicans named it ‘’Gadir, the Berbers named it ‘Agadir’, Hercules named it ‘Gadeira’, and the Moors named it ‘Qadis’ during their rule over 500 years.
The famous Christopher Columbus set sail from Cadiz on September 24, 1493; for his second voyage to the New World.
The city was regularly attacked by England’s famous pirates. Sir Francis Drake captured and destroyed many ships in 1587 and delayed the Spanish Armada. The Earl of Essex burned the city in 1956.
Cadiz may look familiar because it was featured in the famous James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’, mentioned as Havana. The castle was digitally removed from the scene.
The Cádiz Carnival is a huge eleven-day street party with mass participation. Costumes are an essential part, especially for the two main parades – The Great Parade and The Comedy Parade.
It is one of the largest, much like the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.
Cadiz city is the southernmost capital in the Iberian Peninsula.
The city boasts of more than 100 watchtowers! It is a sign of the trade and prosperity that happened in the 18th century.
Tavira Tower, located in the center of the town, is the official watchtower as it is the highest point at 45 meters above the sea level.
Mercado Central de Abastos, opened in 1838, is the oldest covered market in Spain. It was restored and then reopened 10 years ago.
The closest airport – Jerez Airport, is in Jerez, Spain. It is almost 35 km away from the center of the city.

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