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13 Famous Victorian Architecture Buildings in the World

Prabhanjan Borkar
Victorian architecture symbolizes the 'honesty of expression', a principle that is evident from the striking buildings around the world. The birth of this architecture took place during the reign of Queen Victoria - a treasury of inspiration to the architects.

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Palace of Westminster, London

Range over the Houses of Parliament and appreciate the good times at Big Ben, an imposing clock tower.

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Outshining the great fire of 1834, today, this building stands tall over the River Thames.

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Royal Albert Hall, London

Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, Ed Sheeran and many others have performed in this hall.

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To promote the admiration and the value of art and science; a vision of Prince Albert, was fulfilled by Henry Young Darracott Scott and Francis Fowke in 1871.

Victoria Building, Liverpool

The “Red Brick University” is a structural wonder of Liverpool. The building, designed by Alfred Waterhouse in 1892 is a paradise for an aesthete.

Palm House, Kew Gardens, London

Built with glass and iron by Decimus Burton and Richard Turner, mimics the hull of a ship. Those with a green thumb must see a plethora of unique palms and orchid plants here.

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Wrest Park, England

The 18th-century garden is decorated with the Italian Garden, Aladdin’s cave, Archer Pavilion, ‘Eldorado’ wallpapers. Make a visit to scout out these hidden gems.

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Windsor Castle, England

Be amused by the world’s oldest and largest occupied castle.

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Spanning a history of over 900 years, it has been a royal home to 40 monarchs, including Her Majesty The Queen.

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The Painted Ladies, San Francisco

"Seven Sisters" from the 1960s are a series of Italianate-style Victorian and Edwardian vividly colored houses - a masterpiece by Matthew Kavanaugh.

The John Rylands Library, England

Built by Basil Champneys, the neo-Gothic library has Cumbrian sandstone, dark Barbery stone for its interior and exterior. This library offers a classic record of books to a bibliophile.

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Charlecote Park, England

Wildlife and grassy scenery of this park is a breath of fresh air.

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A park spread over 92 acres, has an 18th-century garden decorated with a plethora of plants and flowers on display. Birdwatchers, zoom-in your binoculars to spot herons here!

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Step into the world’s largest museum of art and design – the V&A museum. Founded by Henry Cole in 1852, the museum has a display of permanent collections to over a whopping 2 million objects!

St Pancras International, London

Flying over the facade of this station, was Ron Weasley's Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
Ahead of its time, it was the world’s first single-span roof made of iron and glass, a work of George William Scott and William Henry Barlow.

Leadenhall Market, London

The market designed by Sir Horace Jones in 1881, today, leaves the tourists from all over the world spellbound!
Relive the moment from the scene of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, where Leadenhall Market leads to the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India

An opening sequence of this eclectic station is a must in any Bollywood film.

An amalgamation of British-Indian art and culture embossed on its carvings was designed by F. W. Stevens in 1888.