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13 Things You Need to Know About Lobkowicz Palace

Bindu swetha Jun 26, 2020
Located in Prague's Castle Complex, the Lobkowicz Palace, a privately owned building, was built in the 16th century! A beautifully crafted building that houses the Czech Republic's largest and oldest collection of art and architecture.
The History
Built by Czech nobleman Jaroslav Pernštejn in the 16th century, the Lobkowicz family came in possession of the palace due to the marriage of Polyxena to 1st Prince Lobkowicz, Zdeněk Vojtěch.
Polyxena was the daughter of Jaroslav's sister-in-law Maria Maximiliana and the Chancellor of the Czech Republic, Vratislav.
From the Defenestration of Prague event to the Battle of White Mountain, the Palace has seen it all.
Since the possession into the Lobkowicz family, the Palace has been witness to many iconic historical events!
In 1939, the Lobkowicz family's property and possessions were confiscated by the Nazis, who later returned the same in 1945. However, they recaptured their possessions in 1948.
For almost 63 years, the palace was first taken away by the Nazis and later by the Communist forces. However, post-2002, the palace is with the Lobkowicz family.
Though the original palace was a piece of beautiful artwork, the Palace saw a lot of architectural changes over the years. During the reign of the 2nd Prince Lobkowicz (1609-1677), the Palace got its baroque alterations and decorated salons.
The Architecture
The Imperial Hall was designed with trompe l'oeil statue of emperors and the Concert Hall and Balcony Room got the Italian-design touch with ceilings decorated with painted stuccowork and frescos.
The exterior appearance of the Palace was renovated during the 18th century under the 7th Prince Lobkowicz's rule. The panoramic balconies were added to the palace during this renovation.
Though the palace saw so many alterations, the original 16th-century motifs and sgraffito work in the interior courtyards have remained untouched, retaining the old-world charm!
Post-2002, when the family regained the possession of the palace, a massive 4 years renovation was done! On April 2, 2007, the palace was reopened for the public with an added museum, a cafe and a lot of event rooms!
The Museum
The Palace is home to the Lobkowicz Palace Museum that houses the extensive collection that the Lobkowicz family owned! There are about 22 beautifully-arranged galleries that house some of the finest collections held by the family!
The works of Canaletto, Velázquez, Cranach, Bruegel the Elder along with some family portraits, ceramic and decorative art pieces from the 13th -20th century, musical instruments and notes by Mozart and Beethoven, and porcelain workpieces, are displayed at the museum.
There's an audio guide that explains the Lobkowicz family's history alongside European history, in about 9 different languages, to cater to visitors from all over the world.
The Café
With an exclusive Czech and International cuisine in the offering and a panoramic view of the entire city, the Café is definitely a must-visit place when you are at the palace!
There's soup, sandwiches, desserts, salads, pasta apart from delicious coffee and Lobkowicz beer on offer at the Café!
The Boutique
The place where you can buy can some souvenir items that are inspired by the collection at the museum, is the Boutique! There is also an extensive collection of Lobkowicz wines on display apart from jewelry, silk scarves, postcards and the like.
Daily Classical Concerts
Held in the Baroque concert hall in the palace, the 60-minute concert of classical music shouldn't be missed! This concert is being held since the 17th century and the tradition still continues.
Starting from 1 pm, the concert features compositions by Beethoven, Mozart and Bach in addition to a few compositions by famous Czech composers.