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14 Interesting Facts about Washington State

Meenakshi Sutar Jul 6, 2020
Washington State was granted statehood in 1889 and is the only state that is named after a President, George Washington.
The flag of Washington State is the only U.S. state flag with a field of green and having the image of an American President.
The Evergreen State is the only state producing the most apples, pears, red raspberries, sweet cherries, and spearmint oil. Your appetite for sweet fruits will be fulfilled with fresh sweet stuff here.
A fake neighborhood was made to hide a secret bomber-maker factory in Seattle, Washington during World War II. Fake houses, trees, artificial sidewalks covered the presence of an airplane production facility from other bombers.
5. Bike Tree
A strange and unique bike tree entirely embracing a bike into the trunk is a popular spot on Vashon Highway for hikers and bikers. The bike now sits 7 feet above the ground.
6. The State of Mountains
Washington State boasts of the highest peak in the state, the 14,410-feet-tall majestic Mount Rainier. Other tall mountains include Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, St. Helens, and many more.
7. Ring of Fire
Washington State is known for including 10 volcanoes in Ring of Fire including St. Helens and Mount Rainier.
8. The Ice Covered State
Washington is the most glaciated state in the U.S with over 3000 glaciers. 
9. Islands
Washington State is blessed with San Juan Islands with over 400 islands that boast splendid views of sandy beaches and mainland landscape.
10. Washington State has largest ferry system in the world that makes many of the islands accessible.
11. Run Free
In the Yakima Indian Reservation of Washington State, up to 12,000 wild horses roam around.
12. Bald Eagle
The San Juan Islands in Washington boasts having the bald eagles that are migratory or permanent residents there.
13. Great Lengths
Washington State is known for the longest continuous beach in the U.S. in Long Beach Peninsula. It is also famous for abundant seafood harvests.
14. Waterfalls
Due to volcanic peaks causing high rainfall, Washington State is blessed with 15 amazing waterfalls that captivate you.
Mountains, beaches, waterfalls, sweet stuff, and many interesting facts make Washington State a popular tourist destination.