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15 Best Things to Do in Hilo, Hawaii

Located on the north-eastern side of Hawaii’s Big Island, Hilo is situated on the windward side of the island’s volcanic ranges.
Shruti Nair Jun 27, 2020
15. Take a Shower in the Hilo Waterfalls: The highest 422 ft, Akaka falls is 11 miles from Hilo, Rainbow falls, 80 ft tall is in the paradise and Pe'epe'e Falls is a beautiful 1.5 miles upstream this fall.
14. Explore the Kaumana Cave: This beautiful cave is a skylight in a 25-mile long lava tube, created by the  Mauna Loa in 1881.
13. Take a walk in Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden: With 2,000 plant species, 200 palms, 80 species of heliconias, over 80 species of bromeldias and a three-tiered waterfall, this garden is not to be missed.
12. Relax in Mokuola (Coconut Island): An island with a few small beaches and a large grassy area with several picnic tables is perfect to relax with kids.
11. Snorkel in Carlsmith Beach Park: Greet the honus or green sea turtles and butterfly fish among other maritime species.
10. Take a stroll in Liliuokalani Park and Gardens: This is a beautiful Indo-Japanese style park along the shores of Hilo Bay. Look for Waihonu pond, pretty bridges and pagodas, torii, an authentic Japanese tea-house and a small island called 'Island of Life'.
9. Stargaze at Maunakea Visitor Information Station: Sit for regular stargazing session or watch the rings on Saturn with a telescope. Don't forget to carry a torch and jacket!
8. Shop at the Farmer's Market: Stop by the market where over 200 local farmers, vendors and artists sell their produce, crafts, gift items and tropical flowers in a festive outdoor atmosphere that takes you back to the old “plantation” days of early Hilo.
7. Swim in unusual beaches: White sand beaches are found everywhere but have you been to green or black sand ones? Papakolea, Big Island, Punalu and Richardson State Park are a must visit in Hilo.
6. Panaewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens: A unique, tropical rainforest zoo that spans 12 acres. It is home to more than 40 plant species and over 60 animal species including endangered Hawaiian animals, white Bengal tigers, spider monkeys, nene geese, lemurs, giant tortoises. 
5. Hike to the Lava Flow: Watch a lava flow up close and experience its majesty. Make sure to hire a tour guide who understands the terrain and its volatility.
4. Hamakua Coast Scene Drive: Drive along the scenic north shore either on your way to or from Hilo. The magnificent views will take you on an inward journey.
3. Mehana Brewing Company: Make a stop by the tasting room here to try some fresh beer from Hawaii’s largest independent craft brewer.
2. Take a Helicopter Tour: Most memorable part of your trip will be in helicopters that depart from Hilo and include a fly over the volcano, before circling back towards Hilo for a tour of the jungle and waterfalls.
1. Visit the Lyman House Memorial Museum: Absorb the culture through this natural history museum that documents the history through an extensive collection of artifacts that portray the natural and cultural history of the islands.