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15 Interesting and Cool Facts about Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, officially the Kyrgyz Republic, is a landlocked country in Central Asia. It was a Soviet nation till 1991, after which it declared independence. Here are some facts you should know about Kyrgyzstan before paying a visit!
Sucheta Pradhan Jul 4, 2020
About 70% Kyrgyzstan is mountainous with over 88 major mountain ranges. It is surrounded by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest, and China to the east.
There are almost 2,000 lakes in Kyrgyzstan. Most of these are actually small mountain lakes.
Kyrgyzstan is one of the word’s least crowded countries. Technically, there are 29.5 people for each square km of land in Kyrgyzstan. Talk about ‘isolated’!
He is the most popular folk hero here. Kyrgyzstan’s streets, parks, universities, and airport have been named after him.
Manas was the warrior responsible for unification of the 40 warring clans that formed the Kyrgyz territory.
The longest poem in history of the world was written in Kyrgyzstan. Consisting of as many as 500,000 lines, the epic poem talks of the heroic exploits of Manas.
Tea is the staple drink of Kyrgyzstan. Drunk after almost every meal, it is served in a small bowl instead of a cup.
After collapse of communism in Kyrgyzstan, Islam gradually gained popularity again. Today, a vast majority of Kyrgyz people are Sunni Muslims.
Cleanliness is important to the Kyrgyz people. Before entering any traditional household in Kyrgyzstan, it is customary to remove your footwear.
Kyrgyzstan has been blessed with huge expanses of natural Walnut forests. These forests are among the largest of their type in the world.
While traveling in the interiors of Kyrgyzstan, you won't find many streetlights. Even in the capital city, Bishkek, streetlights are not very common.
Kyrgyzstan is home to one of the largest glaciers in the world. The South Engilchek Glacier is 6th-longest nonpolar glacier in the world and largest and fastest-moving glacier in Kyrgyzstan.
According to ancient historical records, repeated invasions by Kyrgyz warriors in China was one of the reasons for the construction of Great Wall of China.
Kyrgyz people love horse milk. ‘Kumis’ is a dairy product made of fermented mare milk and is among the favorite drinks of the Kyrgyz.
In Kyrgyzstan, every car on the road is a potential taxi. Just offer the driver the right amount of money, and you’ll instantly become a passenger!
Alcohol is extremely cheap in Kyrgyzstan. This is because taxation on alcohol is really low in the country.