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15 Interesting Facts About Brittany, France

Maya Pillai Jul 22, 2020
Lying in the northwestern region of France, Brittany is a hilly peninsula along the Atlantic Ocean.
Brittany has its own parliament and flag. The flag is called “Gwenn ha Du.”
The original name of Brittany is Bretagne.
The capital of modern Brittany is Rennes.
Brittany is known for its picturesque coastline with clear turquoise waters and white sand that stretches over 1,740 miles.
Brittany is one of the Celtic Nations in the world. Celts arrived here in the 6th Century.
Celtic influence and tradition is kept alive through the festivals, music and language.
The villages in Brittany are super quaint with well-preserved medieval buildings and cobbled streets.
Medieval architecture and cultural heritage is preserved through castles, fortified towns, churches, cathedrals and museums.
Brittany has 2,900 protected monuments. Castle of Fougères is one of the finest examples.
Brittany is famous for crepes known as galettes that is usually topped with cheese, eggs, ham, mushrooms, and cream.
Seafood platters can be seen in all restaurants and cafes. Eighty percent of France's shell fish comes from Brittany.
Cider is the popular drink here. Brittany produces ciders such as Cornouaille cider, Loic Raison cider, Melenig cider and more.
Brittany has 15 breweries that produces artisanal beers such as Bernard Lancelot.
Smooth and iconic pink granite rock, Côte de Granit Rose, adds to Brittany's fame and unique beauty.
Brittany is home to mind-blowing megalithic structures. The menhirs and dolmens are still an unsolved mystery.
Fest-Noz or the Night Festival is one of the popular festivals.