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15 Interesting Facts and History About Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the Baltic states. It is located in Eastern Europe. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.
Prabhakar Pillai Jun 20, 2020
Lithuania was the largest European nation at the end of 14th century. Together with Poland, the country created a union that lasted for a few centuries.
History Of Lithuania
In the 18th century, the country was divided and most of its parts was annexed by Russia.
After World War I, the country was briefly independent but soon was annexed by the Soviets. During World War II, the country was under German occupation. The Soviet army reconquered the country. Till 1990, the country was part of Soviet Union.
In 1990, the country gained independence from the Soviet Union. Iceland was the first nation to recognize Lithuanian independence in 1991.
The Lithuanian language is one of the oldest in the world.
Interesting Facts
It was the first nation to declare independence from the Soviet Union.
The Stork is the national animal of Lithuania. The people of this country also believe that storks bring good fortune.
The Lithuanian language is also spoken in other countries including the US, Uruguay and Argentina.
The most popular sport of Lithuania is Basketball. The country has also tasted international success in this sport.
The nation has its own perfume dubbed 'the Scent of Lithuania'.
Lithuanians believe that sitting at the corner of a table adversely affects unwed women's marriage prospects.
As per Lithuanians, the Easter Granny brings Easter eggs.
The country boasts of having around 6000 lakes.
In the entire royal history of this country, there was only one king namely 'Mindaugas'.
The country holds the distinction of being the last nation in Europe to adopt Christianity. Its former religion was 'Romuva'.
Ethnic Lithuanians comprise 83.6% of this nation's population.
One of the nation's iconic dish is 'Cepelinai'. The oval shape of the dish has resemblance with a Zeppelin airship. Hence the name.
The country boasts of having one of the fastest Internet speeds in the world.
One third of the nation is covered by forests. Lithuania is home to Europe's oldest oak tree, over 1500 years old.