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16 Amazing Facts About Oklahoma State

Prabhakar Pillai Jul 6, 2020
Oklahoma is a state of the US. Its capital is Oklahoma City. Oklahoma state is in the South Central region of the country.
Nicknamed as the 'Sooner State', it has a population of 4 million. The state's total area is 69, 903 square miles.
The state has a few cities with outlandish names such as IXL, Cookietown, Bushyhead and Forty-One.
In the Triassic era, The state was located close to earth's equator.
Believe it or not, Oklahoma City is equidistant from New York City and Los Angeles.
The state boasts of having the only human victim in the world of falling space debris. Luckily, the person escaped unscathed.
Oklahoma City belongs to the exclusive club of just 2 American capital cities whose name includes the name of their respective state.
The name 'Oklahoma' has its origins from the Choctaw phrase 'okla humma" which roughly translates to 'Native American'. The Choctaw are Native American people.
The state boasts of having the maximum number of man-made lakes in US.
Cimmaron County of Oklahoma is the sole county in the country that shares borders with 4 other states namely Kansas, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico.
The sobriquet 'Sooner State' has interesting origins. In the past, some prospective settlers attempted to sneak into Oklahoma and make land claims 'sooner' than the official date.
Oklahoma is known to possess the world's first and only atomic gun which was developed during the Cold War but was never employed in combat.
The longest ever lightning flash in the world, spanning 321 km occurred in Oklahoma state in 2007.
It is the only American state to manufacture iodine.
The world's biggest ice cream and cookie party has taken place here.
Guthrie, Oklahoma is home to the only American 'lighter museum'. It has a collection of roughly 20,000 lighters.
Here, it is illegal to carry fishbowls containing fish on public buses.
A tornado in Ponca City lifted a couple in their house up in the air. The walls and roof were blown away. However the floor was unscathed and descended to the surface with the couple safe and sound.