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16 Interesting Facts About Vancouver

Prabhakar Pillai Jul 25, 2020
Vancouver is located in the province of British Columbia, Canada.
The city is a popular tourist hotspot and regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Stanley Park is one of Vancouver's top attractions. It is larger than New York's Central Park. The popular park's total area is a staggering 1,001 acres!
Surprisingly, the city's downtown doesn't have a single freeway!
It is the birthplace of the California Roll. Chef Hidekazu Tojo created this iconic dish in this city.
The pro-environmental group Greenpeace was founded here in 1971.
Vancouver is famous as the 'Hollywood of the North'. It ranks third in film production in North America bested by only New York and Los Angeles.
 The city boasts of the longest pool in the country. Measuring 137.5 metre in length, the Kitsilano pool is longer than 3 Olympic-sized pools combined!
The city consistently ranks among the top cities in the world in terms of cleanliness, livability and standard of living.
The city was named after Captain George Vancouver, the British explorer who arrived here in 1792.
Vancouver's Zoo and Aquarium are among the best in the world.
The city has the highest real estate prices in Canada.
A staggering 15 million tourists visit this beautiful city annually from different parts of the world.
As much as 35% of the charming city's population is foreign born. The city is known to be a highly linguistically and ethnically diverse place.
The city boasts of the world's only operating wind turbine with a viewing platform. The turbine is called 'The Eye of the Wind', and sits on top of Grouse Mountain.
The revolutionary 'Botox' cosmetic treatment was invented here.
The cruise ship terminal of this city is the world's 4th biggest. Most of the departing vessel's destination, is the US state of Alaska.
The beautiful city boasts of an Old Apple Tree planted way back in 1826.