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16 Things You Didn’t Know About Yukon, Canada

Yukon is a Canadian territory well cherished for its unspoiled wilderness! The territory boasts of stunning landscape like the majestic mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, coniferous forests, and the beautiful wildlife.
Yukon is included in the Arctic Circle which means it’s blessed with the views of stunning Northern Lights! Here are few facts about Yukon.
The territory covers an area of 4,83,450 km2, which is almost similar to the size of Spain! It is the smallest and westernmost territory of Canada.
The estimated population in 2019 was 40,962, which is the lowest among the Canadian provinces. Almost 25,000 residents live in the capital city of Whitehorse.
The name Yukon comes from a Gwich’in native word ‘Yuk-un-ah’, which means ‘Great River’. It refers to the Yukon River that flows across the territory.
The Yukon River is 3,190 km long and is the longest in Yukon and Alaska! It starts from British Columbia, crosses Yukon, and joins the Bering Sea in the end.
Mount Logan in Kluane National Park is the highest mountain in Canada. It stands tall at 19,551 ft and is also the second highest in the North American continent. 
The Kluane Park is also home to 9 other highest mountains. Yukon is home to 17 of the 20 tallest mountains in Canada!
The St.Elias Icefields are the world’s largest non-polar ice fields. There are almost 2,000 glaciers and some even stretch up to 60 kms!
Carcross Desert is the smallest dessert in the world! It is just one square mile or 640 acres; and is only seen in the summer. The snow melts and the sand blows in from a nearby lake.
The summers are from June to August when the sun barely sets, especially on June 21st.
English is the official language but there are 8 other languages like Tahltan, Kaska, Tagish and Tlingit that are still spoken.
The lowest temperature recorded here was –63 degree Celsius in the town of Snag, in the year 1947. It usually drops up to –40 degree Celsius.
In the 1890s, Dawson City’s population grew suddenly from 200 to 20,000. The city had a major gold rush and people rushed in. But, it decreased at the beginning of 1900s as the gold dried up. The Klondike Gold Rush happened in 1897.
Sourdough Rendezvous is an annual festival that happens in Whitehorse, every February! It has been highlighting the cultural and social spirit of the territory, since 1964.
The Yukon River Quest takes place every year in June or July. It is the world’s largest annual canoe and kayak race.
Almost 2,00,000 Porcupine Caribous embark on the longest land mammal migration, covering a distance of 2400 kilometers!
There are almost 70,000 moose found in this territory, which is much more than the human population!

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