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18 Things To Do and Places To Visit in Fukuoka, Japan

1. Enjoy Breakfast at the Fukuoka Tower
Begin your trip with the highlight of the city. You can see the entire city while having your meal and enjoying the sunrise or sunset.
2. Take a Trip to 
Umi no Nakamichi
This is a large sandbar in Fukuoka on the border of Hakata Bay. Enjoy the riot of colors in the flower gardens.
3. Visit the Marine World
Enjoy watching the sea life in a unique way, while having lunch at the restaurant located at the bottom of the dolphin tank. 
4. Explore the Kushida Shrine
Kushida Shrine is the oldest shrine in Fukuoka, built in 757. A 1,000-year-old ginkgo tree shades this shrine, that serves as the starting point for an annual summer race.
5. Catch the Subway at the Hakata Station 
Hakata station is the central transportation hub for Fukuoka. Use the subway, local trains and buses to get around the city.
6. Check out the Hakata Canal
Canal City Hakata is one of Fukuoka’s largest shopping and entertainment complexes. Built to resemble a canal, you can stay, shop, and dine here or watch an amazing fountain show!
7.  Eat Tonkotsu Ramen
Fukuoka is the birthplace of tonkotsu ramen. ''Tonkotsu'' means pork bones in Japanese, which makes up the soup base.
8. Shop at the Tenjin Underground Mall
Tenjin is the central area of downtown Fukuoka. Centered around here, is a network of above and underground shopping streets and complexes. Also check out the Tenjin CORE when you’re in the area!
9. Light a Candle in the Tochoji Temple
This temple is located in middle of city, but it exemplifies a haven of silence. Make sure to walk under the Buddha for a surreal experience.
10. Eat at Yatai Food Stall
Fukuoka is known for its Yatai food stalls, a makeshift dining establishments, that line the Naka River late at night. Enjoy delicious street food while interacting with the locals.
11. Take a Stroll in the Yusentei Park
Known as the home of the 6th lord of Fukuoka, this park is filled with beautiful gardens built in the traditional style and an ornate pond.
12. Visit Hakozaki Shrine
Hakozaki Shrine is one of the most important shrines in Fukuoka. It was rebuilt after being destroyed during the Mongolian invasion of Fukuoka in 1274.
13. Drive to the Nokonoshima Island
This Island is located in Hakata Bay and is a delightful place to camp, swim or admire the island's colorful flowers.
14. Enjoy Delicious Sushi
Don't miss out on the authentic sushi and salmon when you visit here.
15. Celebrate the Hakata Dontaku Festival
Plan your travel around May to visit the Hakata Dontaku Festival during the Golden Week. You will get to taste Japan's true culture!
16. Scale the ACROS Building
The ACROS Building sits in the wider Tenjin Park. The main reason to come here is to check out the amazing roof garden with 35,000 different plants.
17. Sing at a Karaoke Party
Japan is known for its love of karaoke and with that in mind you should definitely give it a try when you are in Fukuoka!
18. Read a Book in the Ohori Park
Plan your trip in March-April to enjoy the cherry blossom season in the park or you can bask in the zen Japanese style gardens around in the rest of the year.

 Shruti Nair

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