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20 Facts About Kansas You May Not Know

Prabhakar Pillai Jul 31, 2020
Kansas is a US state located in the mid-western region of the country. Topeka is the capital city of this state.
The state is home to 2.9 million residents and covers an area of 82,278 square miles.
1. Superman's native state is supposed to be Kansas.
2. It is home to the tallest easel in the world which is located in Goodland city.
3. The helicopter was invented here in 1909 by Charles Wilson and William Purvis.
4. The state boasts of a staggering 528 caves.
5. Dodge City has an average wind speed of 14 mph making it the windiest city in the entire country.
6. The state sits right in the middle of the contiguous United States.
7. As per scientific analysis, Kansas is flatter than a pancake. No kidding.
8. Kansas city boasts of a water slide taller than even the iconic Niagara Falls. In fact, it is the tallest water slide in the world.
9. Kansas is the top state in the country in terms of wheat production.
10. The charming state boasts of thousands of oil wells.
11. The renowned environmental activist Erin Brokovich is a native of this state.
12. The World's first Pizza Hut outlet opened here in 1958.
13.  The state is among the only 2 sources of helium in the nation.
14. Walt Disney designed the popular and lovable character - Mickey Mouse here.
15. It is illegal to hunt whales here, though they don't exist in this state.
16. Kansas has an official state reptile- the ornate box turtle.
17. Argonia, Kansas has the distinction of having the country's first female mayor from 1887 to 1888.
18. The state had most casualties in the American Civil War among all Union states.
19. Believe it or not - Dead grasshoppers were used in the construction of the First United Methodist Church in Hutchinson, Kansas.
20. The state boasts of the largest twine ball built by a community. It is now a famous and popular tourist attraction.