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20 Interesting Facts About Antwerp, Belgium

Maya Pillai Jul 28, 2020
Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world. It's called the Diamond District.
Located on the banks of the River Scheldt, Antwerp is a port city with a rich medieval history.
World's first printed newspaper was published in Antwerp around 400 years ago.
Official language of Antwerp is Dutch and in Dutch, Antwerp is called Antwerpen.
Legend says Antwerp got its name from the mythical giant Antigoon who used to ask money from people who wanted to cross the bridge over the river Scheldt. He would cut off the hand of any person denying to give money and throw it into the river.
In fact Antwerp literally means "at the wharf."
One day Antigoon's hand was severed by a brave young soldier and tossed in the river.
Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world, founded in 1843.
1920 Summer Olympics were held in this city. While the cycling events were held in the streets of Antwerp, boxing and wrestling were held at the Antwerp Zoo.
Antwerp is the second largest sea port in Europe, even though the port is 50 miles inland from the North Sea at the tidal estuary of the River Scheldt.
Antwerpen-Centraal is one of the beautiful railway stations in the world.
It was designed by Louis Delacenserie and opened in 1905.
Europe’s oldest skyscraper, Farmer's Tower or KBC Tower is here in Antwerp. It has 26 stories and was built in 1932.
The Cathedral of Our Lady, a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral dates back to 1352. It has 400 feet spire.
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, one of the oldest art schools in Europe is here in Antwerp.
Peter Paul Rubens, a world famous artist belongs to Antwerp. After his death in 1640, his home studio in Wapper Street was converted into a museum.
City of Antwerp is connected by three underground tunnels built under the Scheldt River.
One of the tunnels, the Kennedy Tunnel was named after the US President John F. Kennedy. It was opened to public in May 1969.
'A Dog of Flanders' written by an English author Marie de la Ramee in 1872 is set in Antwerp. As a tribute, a statute of a boy and his dog was installed in Hoboken.
"Antwerp Hands" cookies is famous around the world. It symbolizes the Antwerp folklore.
Do you love Belgian Waffles? Antwerp is the place where you taste some of the best Belgian waffles with generous amount of fresh cream and fruits.