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20 Interesting Facts About Kazakhstan

Prabhakar Pillai Jul 28, 2020
Kazakhstan is a nation located in Central Asia. It was formerly a Soviet Republic.
The country's population is 18.3 million. Its area is 2.725 million square kilometres.
This vast and sparsely populated nation, declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Its current capital is Astana.
1. The flag of the country has a sun with 32 beams. The latter represent progress as well as prosperity.
2. The country has the distinction of being the largest landlocked nation in the world.
3. Did you know that Kazakhstan has the world's first as well as largest space launch facility in the world? The Soviet Union constructed it way back in the 1950s.
4. Apples were first cultivated in this nation.
5. The traditional drink here is prepared using fermented horse milk and is called 'Koumiss'.
6. Horses were first domesticated in this vast nation.
7. The country's denizens belong to over 120 nationalities as well as ethnic populations.
8. The country boasts of Lake Balkhash, part of which is fresh water and the other part is salt water. A unique phenomena indeed!
9. The coffee served in this country is loaded with sugar, making it super sweet.
10. The meaning of Kazakh is 'independent' or 'wanderer'.
11. There are a number of adventurous places, that make this country a top ski destination.
12. The folks here have 3 New Years! January 1 is the first, the spring equinox is second, and the third is - the date determined by the old Julian Calendar.
13. The country has the world's highest mountain skating rink. As many as 170 world records were set here!
14. The nation is blessed with the second biggest uranium reserves in the world.
15. Kazakhstan straddles both the continents of Asia and Europe.
16. There is a theory that this is the place where the legendary Amazon warriors originated from. Excavations here in the past few decades lend credence to this theory.
17. This country is among the only 4 nations to give up nuclear weapons. The other 3 are:- South Africa, Ukraine and Belarus.
18. The ancient Silk Road is famous for the trade passed through this country.
19. Incredibly, 99 out of the 110 elements in the periodic table have been found here!
20. Kazakhs hold the snow leopard in high esteem. The animal epitomizes the national spirit by the denizens of this landlocked country.