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22 Interesting Facts About Idaho That Will Amaze You

Deepa Kartha Jul 30, 2020
Idaho is the fastest growing state in the United States of America. Moreover, being home to numerous forest areas, local and state parks, waterfalls, lakes, rivers etc., it also has the largest wilderness area in the country.
Known as the 14th largest state in the USA, there are several amazing facts about Idaho that you ought to know.
Idaho became a part of the USA on July 3' 1890, making it the 43rd state to join the country.
Facts About Idaho
Located in the Northwest, Idaho is bordered by 6 states: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah. Canada lies on the North of Idaho.
Idaho is one of the 13 countries in the USA that has two time zones. The southern part of the state follows the Mountain Standard Time, while the northern part falls under the Pacific Standard Time.
Home to 144 rivers and creeks, Idaho has more than 3100 miles of rivers, the highest in the USA.
While Niagara Falls is the most popular waterfall worldwide, Idaho's Shoshone Falls is steeper than the former by almost 52 feet. Shoshone Falls is known as the Niagara of the West.
A part of the deepest river gorge in North America, Hell's Canyon is located in Idaho. Measuring 10 miles wide and 7993 feet deep, Hell's Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon and is spread across Oregon and Washington as well.
Soda Springs has the largest man-made geyser in the world, which bursts to up to 100 feet in the air. It was made in 1937 with the naturally carbonated springs that surround the town.
Idaho has the largest wilderness area in the USA. In fact, the state has 2.3 million acres of protected wilderness or unspoiled land, making it a haven for nature lovers.
The state has 114 mountain ranges, the highest being the Borah Peak.
Idaho is a major producer of potatoes. Almost 1/3 of America's potatoes come from Idaho. Moreover, the state also has a potato museum, which displays the largest Styrofoam potato and largest potato chip in the world.
Apart from potatoes, Idaho is also known for the production of trout. Almost 85% of trout in USA is from Idaho.
Idaho is known as the Gem State, as almost all precious and semi-precious stones can be found here. The national gem is Star Garnet, which is only found in Idaho and India.
A unique fact about Idaho is that it is the only state in the USA which has a state seal designed by a woman. The Idaho state seal was designed by Emma Edwards Green in 1891.
Idaho's Capital Building in Boise is eco-friendly, as the building is kept warm using geothermal water that is found 3000 feet underground.
Idaho is home to the first alpine chairlift in the world, located in Sun Valley (in 1936).
Heaven's Gate Lookout in Idaho gives you the chance to see panoramic, aerial views of Oregon, Montana and Washington.
Fun Facts of Idaho
It is illegal for a man to gift his beloved a box of sweets that weighs more than 50 pounds.
It is illegal to fish while riding a camel or a giraffe.
It is illegal to sweep dirt out of one's house into the street in the city of Eagle in Idaho.
It is illegal not to smile in the town of Pocatello in Idaho.
Rupert, a town in Idaho, holds a Guiness World Record for the longest straw bale maze in the world.
The City of Island Park has the longest main street in America.