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27 Facts About Oregon You Might Not Know

Perched on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Oregon is one of the most geographically diverse states of the USA. A nature lover's delight, Oregon is home to mighty mountains, beautiful lowlands, numerous state parks, millions of trees and gorgeous coastlines.
One of the most popular things about Oregon is its quirky capital city of Portland. However, while Portland is one of the most interesting aspects of the state, there is much more to Oregon than it.
Oregon became part of the United States of America on February 14' 1859. Oregon declared itself as whites-only state then, and even now the majority of the population comprises of whites.
The name Oregon is believed to have been derived from the word ‘ouragan’, which means hurricane or windstorm in French.
Oregon has one-of-a-kind state flag. The Oregon state flag has two different designs on either sides, something that you would not find anywhere else. On one side of the flag is the state symbol, while the reverse side has the figure of a gold beaver.
Oregon is home to the deepest lake in the USA. The crystal-clear Crater Lake was formed within the remains of a volcano, around 6500 years ago.
The deepest river gorge in North America can be found in Oregon. Named Hell's Canyon, it is 8000 feet deep.
Oregon has a Guinness World Record for being the owner of the shortest river in the world. Located in Lincoln City, D River measures 121 feet.
Apart from the shortest river, Oregon also has the smallest urban park in the country. Located in Downtown Portland, the Mill Ends Park measures only 2 square feet.
Oregon is a state that has the maximum number of microbreweries. In fact, Portland is the city with the most number of breweries in the world. You will find more than 60 breweries within the city limits. The state also has over 750 vineyards.
Oregon houses the world's largest cheese factory. The Tillamoon Cheese Factory produces around 171,000 pounds of cheese every day. Apart from the cheese, you can try several other delicacies at the gift shop. Trying the Tillamook ice cream is a must.  
Another unique fact about Oregon is that it is the only state in the USA that has an official state nut: hazelnut. In fact, 99% of hazelnut production in the country happens in Oregon.
Oregon has 1/4th of America's Llama population.
Oregon has the largest number of ghost towns in America. With more than 80 ghost towns, it is not surprisingly called the ghost town capital of the country.
The biggest mushroom in the world resides in Oregon. Situated in the Oregon Mountains, the mushroom is 2400 years old and covers an area across 2200 acres.
The logo of Nike was designed by a student at the Portland State University in 1971, who sold it for $35. In fact, Nike also originated in this state.
The tallest barber pole in the world exists in Oregon. Measuring 72-feet in length, it is located in Forest Grove.
Oregon has a city called Sisters and another named Brothers.
Oregon also has a city named Boring, which is the sister city of Dull, located in Scotland. Both the cities have a state holiday named Boring and Dull Day, celebrated on August 9 every year.
The first Wikipedia page was developed in Portland, Oregon.
Oregon's Portland city has the maximum number of strip clubs in the USA, more than Las Vegas, Nevada.
Oregon is home to the most number of waterfalls in the USA.
The oldest public garden can be found in Oregon. Opened in 1917, the International Rose Test Garden houses over 500 varieties of roses.
Oregon is one of the few states in the US that does not levy sales tax on its products.
Oregon is one of the two states in the USA where an attendant would pump gas in your vehicle. The other state is New Jersey.
The fictional place of Springfield in 'The Simpsons' was inspired by Springfield in Oregon.
Oregon has 9 lighthouses spread along its coastline. The Heceta Head Lighthouse is the most photographed one.
Physician-assisted suicide is legal in Oregon.
Oregon was the first state in the USA that banned the use of non-returnable (plastic) cans and bottles.

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